Arcania: Hero Rising

The lands of Arcania are now peaceful. Threat is rare and war is unheard of. But this was not as it always was. The Wizards and Elves are still old enough to remember the time of war. But a few centuries ago. An evil rose to overwhelm the world. An evil that threatened the complete destruction of everything and everyone. It was fought back. The war was won. But is the evil truly eradicated ?


1. The War

The last great war of Arcania was the most devastating war to ever come to pass. Hundreds of millions of people were slaughtered. It lasted twenty years. It started with the ambition of one Elf. A young prince by the name of Tylaen. He, too greedy and ambitious to be satisfied with the Elven throne of which he was in line for, wanted to have it all. He wanted to be the first ruler of all Arcania. So he entered a coalition with the dark gods. They poured their evil magic into him, turning him into an unstoppable dark warrior. He became known as Maugen. The god-king. The dark gods provided him an army, an army containing the most unspeakable of horrors. And army that became a blight upon the world, a dark mark, corruption. Corruption that threatened to engulf us all. It destroyed villages and cities. It slaughtered townsman and took the surviving women as slaves for them to deal out the most sadistic of tortures and depraved acts upon. The people began to lose hope. Until we fought back. The kings of all the kingdoms. Elven, Dwarven and Human aligned to combat this evil.And we began to push them back. But the more we won. The more the enemy adapted. Bigger, stronger creatures attacked. We were losing. We had no hope. Darkness was creeping in from all sides. Leaving chaos and death in it's wake. Then they came. The angels of the heavens dived down  to save us. lead by the embodiment of Justice itself. The forces of the dark gods stood no chance against the might of the divine forces. Maugen saw his fantasies and dreams of a great empire collapse all around him. We surrounded him in his great temple. The rulers of the three main kingdoms and Justice went in by themselves. They fought for many hours, some stories say they fought for three weeks none stop until Maugen, exhausted from the onslaught of four warriors, fell to his knees. He was defeated. Instead of killing him Justice took him to the heavens were he was judged to be subjected to the worst agony forever more. He now kneels in chains deep inside a mountain. Screaming curses at the men who fought to put him there. His hate and Rage building. Dreaming of a time when he would return to finish what he began. To destroy them all.

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