The Unexpected Ally

[6th year told from a different POV] A new addition to the Hogwarts family comes from North America. After being home-schooled, it's time to be reunited this visitor's last surviving family member and finish their schooling. A bond between the two family members causes havoc and unlikely friendships. This unexpected ally aids in the quest to rid the world of Lord Voldemort once and for all.

(All characters and ideas are by the talented J.K. Rowling, I own nothing.
Some aspects of this book aren't the same as the novels or movies, I tweaked a few things here or there)


7. Winter Wonderland

Over the next few days Holly felt something she had never felt before; acceptance and love. She had a wonderful boyfriend who made her feel confident and beautiful and friends who she could joke with and learn together. Draco had asked if they could refrain from publically displaying affection due to drawing unnecessary attention to her because of what his dad was. Holly of course complied, so her friends didn’t know they were dating. She smiled to herself when she thought of arriving at the ball in her dress on the arm of the most handsome student in Hogwarts.

Holly’s mood was euphoric and her friends noticed. Holly as a child had sung to herself to keep her amused. Holly began singing softly when she was alone, or thought she was. Hermione and Ginny caught her singing a few times while walking throughout the halls.

“I’ve often wondered how did it all start? Who found out that nothing can capture the heart like a melody can? Well whoever it was, I’m a fan!”

Holly also got into the habit of humming a tune while she was doing homework which was witnessed by the girls and Draco. When Draco asked what the song was, Holly just smiled and said it was an old song one of her foster mothers' used to play.

Soon the night of the ball came. Holly was getting ready with Hermione and Ginny in their dormitory after spending the day with Draco. They spent what time they had together when they weren't doing homework tangled together in hidden passageways and behind tapestries, careful to avoid detection. Holly watched as Ginny braided her bangs and then helped Hermione tame her mane of hair into an intricate crown on her head. Holly was curling her blonde hair and pulled it half back, flattering her face and drawing attention to her blue eyes. Her dress, a royal blue halter top with a sweetheart neckline, made her eyes pop and sparkle. The long dress had an open back that joined together just above her lower back. In North America this dress would have seemed tame but to the people in Scotland and Europe, it was very daring. Ginny took Holly’s suggestion and bought an emerald green, one shoulder gown. A pattern of flowers and vines twisted its way around the neckline of her dress almost magically. Hermione’s dress was a ruby red silk strapless which accentuated her shoulders and neck. The trio of royal blue, emerald green and ruby red looked like the crowned jewels.

“Oh I hope Ron likes my dress.” Hermione said anxiously, smoothing the front of her gown. Ron had asked her to the dance about two weeks ago. She had brushed it off as just a friends date in public but Holly had seen her try to hide a few smiles. Ginny was going with Harry. He had suddenly received a burst of courage and confessed his true feelings for her. They were happily dating and Ron had stubbornly given his blessing.

“If he doesn’t he’s blind Hermione.” Ginny replied. Holly nodded in agreement. Hermione always had elegance and class as always but wearing her gown, she radiated it.

The trio made their way down the staircases and met Professor McGonagall just before they reached the Entrance Hall. Holly had never seen her looking more excited. The professor had worn her best witches hat and dress robes. She fawned on the girls, exclaiming over their gowns and hair.

“Now girls, go find your dates and move into the Great Hall. Ms. Peters, could you stay back here for moment?” Professor McGonagall said.

Holly watched as Ginny and Hermione walked down the steps to meet Ron and Harry. Both boys looked up as the girls descended the staircase. The look on their face said it all; they were looking at angels. They boys each held out an arm and the girls grasped them, heading into the Great Hall. Holly smiled to herself. Harry and Ron had each received a letter from an anonymous source, encouraging them to ask Ginny and Hermione to the dance. Holly of course, was that source. She had watched the four of them closely over the past few weeks and noticed the subtle hints of attraction between them. She figured the boys just needed a ‘kick in the pants’ as her one of her foster mother used to say, to ask the girls out.

Professor McGonagall’s voice brought Holly’s attention back, “Now Ms. Peters, Professor Dumbledore has wished that you and your date would give the first dance to the other contestants of the Triwizard Tournament, being as you are one of our guests. You and Mr. Malfoy will enter the ball and stand first in line ready to dance with Mr. Krum and Ms. Delacour. Now, I believe Mr. Malfoy is anxious to see you, or his hand wringing is due to something else.” She said with a wink.

Holly suddenly felt a chill go down her spine at the thought of seeing Draco in her dress. She slowly peered around the corner and saw the last couple walk through the doors. The students had formed two lines to welcome the two visiting schools in the Great Hall. Draco stood in a corner looking breathtakingly handsome in a black suit with a blue tie that matched her dress. Holly walked down the stairs towards him. He was watching the last couple walk into the Great Hall and didn’t notice her at first. Professor McGonagall was right, every few seconds Draco nervously wrung his hands. Holly smiled; she wasn’t going to let him live that down. As soon as she caught Draco’s attention, the wringing stopped and he looked like he had just been Petrified; completely motionless. It wasn’t until Holly was a few feet away that Draco moved towards her, a huge grin expanding on his face.

Draco took Holly’s hand and spun her around, “You are absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous.” He said.

Holly laughed, “Almost too many adjectives to handle in one sentence.” She winked, “But thank you, you look very handsome yourself.” She then explained to him what Professor McGonagall had told her, took his arm and started into the Great Hall.

As they walked through the line of students, Holly was slightly taken aback; she forgot they had to go through the whole school to get to the front of the line. She tensed slightly but after Draco gave her arm a quick squeeze, she relaxed and took in the moment. Holly knew her dress would receive some attention due to its daring back but the reactions she received were more than expected. The girls gasped at the beauty of the colour and style of the dress as they saw her. The boys’ mouths were gapping slightly at the sight oh her which made Draco bristle slightly. Holly looked up at Draco with a smile to show everyone that she was his and he was hers. They reached the end of the line, separated a few feet and stood ready to receive their dance partners. Holly smiled at Draco from across the line and then watched as the contenders came into the Great Hall. 

Walking hand in hand, Viktor Krum and Fleur Delacour led their schools into the hall. Where Fleur was light and graceful, Krum was dark and blunt. Complete opposites but equals, they reached Holly and Draco. Holly took Krum’s offered hand and he whisked her away to the dance floor. His eyes widened lightly as he took her appearance in.

“You look beautiful.” He told her in a thick Bulgarian accent, “A girl like yourself must not be single, no?”

Holly smiled, “Thank you, that’s very nice of you to say. And yes I’m actually dating the boy dancing with the other contestant over there.” She looked over at Draco and Fleur and felt a small twinge in her stomach as she saw both of them laugh at something one of them had said. She wasn’t normally jealous but she WAS part Veela.

Krum’s voice brought her back to the conversation, “Ah don’t be jealous, she’s engaged to Bill Weasley, she was just telling me a few moments ago.”

Holly flushed, “Sorry, I’m happy to hear that. I’m just not used to being compared to a beautiful part-Veela woman.”

Krum chuckled, “My dear, you look just as beautiful if not more beautiful than her tonight.”

Holly blushed again and continued dancing with Krum, listening to his stories about his Quidditch games, until two loud bursts of laughter emitted from both pairs of guests. Holly looked across the ballroom, through the other pairs of students who had joined them dancing and found Draco and Fleur. Draco had also looked up upon hearing Holly’s laugh and nodded at Krum. In a mutual understanding the pairs switched partners so Holly was with Draco again.

“So, how was dancing with the Bulgarian?” Draco asked somewhat accusingly, “You seemed to find him pretty funny.”

Holly sassily looked back into Draco’s eyes with a slight smile, “Excuse me Mr. but you found Fleur pretty humorous as well.” Draco was slightly taken aback then had understanding in his eyes. He tightened his grip on her waist and dipped her. 

At that point the music had stopped and Professor Dumbledore asked everyone to sit down for the dinner portion of the evening.  Holly and Draco caught up with Krum and Fleur and Holly asked if they would like to sit with them for dinner. They quickly found a table with four empty spots which happened to be shared with Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione.

“Ron!” Fleur exclaimed when she saw the red-headed boy sitting at the table. She ran over and showered him with kisses on his cheek leaving him very red in the face. Hermione shifted uncomfortably in her seat until she recognized who Fleur was sitting beside.

“Viktor!” she exclaimed, “How are you?”

Holly leaned over to Draco and whispered to him loudly, “Should some people change seats so they can talk easier?” Draco smirked at the two pairs who both heard her.

The table settled down as they ate dinner and had civil conversation about Krum’s Quidditch, Fleur’s upcoming wedding- Hermione and Ginny cringed at this so Holly quickly switched the subject to the upcoming Apparition lessons the sixth years were about to have. When she was done eating Holly clasped her hands together under the table and Draco quickly grabbed one and started to play with her hand/fingers, drawing lines and sending shivers up Holly’s arm. She smiled at Draco and then withdrew her hand as dessert had been served. After that was finished Holly and Ginny excused themselves to go to the bathroom.

As Holly walked through the tables to the doors of the Great Hall, she could feel the heads of some boys turn in her direction. She was almost at the door when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“He-hem.” Holly turned back to see Draco holding his glass of champagne in the air in a kind of toast. The boys who had been staring also turned to look at Draco, “Charming night isn’t it gentleman.” Draco said in a sort of knowing, commanding voice.  

The boys immediately turned back to their dates like bad students avoiding their teacher’s eyes. Draco winked at Holly as she smiled back at him. When Holly and Ginny re-entered, Seamus and Dean called Holly over to their table.

“Oi, so this is bothering a bunch of us guys but where is your wand in that dress?” Holly rolled her eyes. In every witches robes there is an area that hold her wand so it will be on hand if need be, it wasn’t very shocking that the only thing that the boys were thinking of is where hers was, probably imagining interesting places she had put it.

Holly leaned in close, as if she was about to tell a big secret, “If I were you, I’d be more worried about where your dates were, than where my wand may or may not be.” She said into their ears. 

Dean and Seamus looked around; indeed their dates had disappeared, probably over to the Drumstrang table. Holly smiled sweetly at them and headed back to her table. In all honesty, her wand was secured to her leg by a garter, as was Hermione and Ginny’s. They had decided this was the best way to carry their wands that wouldn’t show in their dresses. Holly of course wasn’t going to tell anyone this, except maybe Draco, if he found it.

As she got back, a band called The Weird Sisters was announced and Draco led Holly onto the dance floor. They danced to a few of their popular songs that Holly didn’t know but Draco led her in dancing so she felt very comfortable. There was a slight pause after the band’s last song because the lead singer started talking to his bandmates.

He took the microphone and addressed the crowd, “So we heard there was another singer in the house tonight so we felt it was only right to invite her up on stage with us. Holly Peters can you join me on stage please?”

Holly was frozen. The crowd turned to face her and started clapping. It took a squeeze and a slight push from Draco to get Holly moving but she eventually made it on stage. She faced the lead singer with a stunned look on her face.

He smiled down at her as he said, “We wanted to honour your visit overseas so we selected a song that we thought represented North America in all its glory. Please sing along if you know it, I’m sure you will.” He handed her a microphone and she prayed for a song she knew. As the band struck their first few notes a massive smile appeared on her face; hell yeah she knew this song! The lead singer sung the first verse then trailed off as Holly started up the next verse.

“Well I heard Mr. Young sing about, I heard O Neil put her down. Well I hope Mr. Neil will remember, a Southern Man don’t need him around anyhow”

Holly and The Weird Sisters crashed into the chorus as they sang, “Sweet Home Alabama, where the skies are so blue. Sweet Home Alabama, Lord I’m coming home to you.” They continued singing Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd with crowd singing along. The popular American classic was known by everyone and Holly had an amazing time singing a song she had been introduced to by Arthur Abbott while they were travelling in Southern USA.

“Woooohooo, look at that she can sing!” The lead singer shouted. He turned to Holly once again, “Now, we’ve heard that you have a favourite song, we’d love for you to sing it infront of all of us tonight.”

Before Holly could respond she heard the beginning notes of the song she had been singing and humming these past few days. Abba’s Thank You for the Music started and Holly felt a warmth spread through her body at the sound of the familiar notes. 

She belted out the chorus with passion, “So I say thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing. Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing…” She got into the song and hammed it up to the crowd as she sang, “I’ve been so lucky, I am the girl with golden hair,” she wound one of her curls around her finger, and smiled at the crowd . When she was done, the crowd applauded and she almost bounced off stage with happiness. She got through the crowd and found Draco clapping and smiling at her with a glint in his eye.

“How did you know? I know it was you” Holly exclaimed, short of breath as she came up to him.

Draco pulled Holly into an embrace as the band struck up a slow song. He smiled as he said, “I had some fun trying to find it with Hermione and Ginny’s help..” Holly looked up at him shocked that he would talk to her friends. He laughed again, “Yes yes I put aside differences with the mud- um with the girls, to find out what your special song was.” Draco had caught himself from offending Hermione infront of Holly. He had done that once only in Holly's presence, receiving three days of the silent treatment. Needless to say he learned his lesson.

Draco leaned in closer and whispered into Holly’s ear, “Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?” Holly smiled and turned her head to kiss his cheek lightly.

“No, but I’d say I’m pretty good at reading your mind now.” She whispered back. “Thank you for doing that for me, it meant a lot. I love you.”

Draco moved his head to stare into her eyes. He said equally seriously, “I love you too Holly. I don’t think I can ever stop loving you.” He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. Their kiss was brief but passionate.

The song ended as Draco and Holly exited the dance and entered the Entrance Hall. They were almost at the stairway where they parted ways when Draco was ripped from Holly’s grasp. She turned to see Harry’s arm raised and his hand in the form of a fist. She quickly jumped between Harry and Draco with both hands out.

“What the hell Harry?” She shot at her twin.

“Get your filthy hands off of her you precocious git!” Harry yelled at Draco from behind Holly’s hand.

Draco shot back at Harry, “Mind your own business Potter, you’re going to lecture me about how I treat your sister? You don’t even care about her!”

“She’s my sister so yes it is my business Malfoy, just wait until I have my wand out and you'll see how serious I am!” Harry replied.

At this Holly dropped her arms and turned to face Harry. “Excuse me?! You won’t say two words to me all semester and you think you can control my life?” She accused him, “What authority do you have besides being related to me by blood?”

 Harry was slightly taken aback but replied, “Because our parents wouldn’t want you dating a Malfoy, Death Eater’s son. He’s scum.”

"What would either of us know about what your parents would want? Both our parents died when we were babies! Don't go putting words in their mouths!" Holly retorted. 

Harry's face narrowed at her words, "I think I know our parents more than you, they would agree with me on this. You're defiling their memory by being with this scum!" He said pointing at Draco

At this Holly laughed almost hysterically, “Our parents?! You mean your parents. I was never their child. You were the one they wanted, the twin they chose to keep. How do you think that makes me feel?! I’m just supposed to smile and be all happy to meet a boy living what my life should have been all the while listening to him complain about it? Yeah, Harry Potter’s had a really rough life; parents died, living with Muggles, poor him. How about living in foster home after foster home and then living on scraps constantly moving, no permanent place to call home?” Holly was on the verge of tears, she felt Draco take one of her hands and squeeze it. She looked around and saw that a crowd started to form around them, drawn to them by their raised voices. Harry’s face was white, Hermione and Ginny’s were grief stricken and Ron’s was pure shock.

Holly spoke again in a calmer voice, “You really were the chosen one Potter. I don't really care about your opinion or what you think your parents would have thought. The only person running my life is me.” With that she turned on her heel and with Draco by her side they started up the staircases. Holly was very proud of herself that she didn’t cry in front of everyone or Draco. He led her to one of the secret passageways they normally hid in when they had time alone and turned her to face him. 

“Are you ok?” He whispered to her, “That was... something.”

Holly nodded in response, “Yeah sorry you had to witness that. It had just been building up every time I looked at him or he didn’t give me the time of day. He just makes me so mad.” She looked at the floor, “I’m so sorry, I’m so embarrassed.”

Draco tilted her chin up so her eyes met his. “Hey, I’m not judging you. I think you weren't out line back there, maybe a bit loud, but definitely not out of line .” Holly smiled at his words. “Now, clear that incident out of your head and focus on the amazing night we just had. And how absolutely stunning you look in this dress.” Holly smiled up at him and tried to erase her outburst from memory. 

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