The Unexpected Ally

[6th year told from a different POV] A new addition to the Hogwarts family comes from North America. After being home-schooled, it's time to be reunited this visitor's last surviving family member and finish their schooling. A bond between the two family members causes havoc and unlikely friendships. This unexpected ally aids in the quest to rid the world of Lord Voldemort once and for all.

(All characters and ideas are by the talented J.K. Rowling, I own nothing.
Some aspects of this book aren't the same as the novels or movies, I tweaked a few things here or there)


10. Tartchelua

The next few weeks at Hogwarts went by in a blur for Holly. The night she said goodbye to Draco she somehow made it up to her dormitory without seeing anyone. Probably for the better as her face was stained with long gone tears and her eyes were puffy. She kept her head down in the common room but the only people in there were some stragglers who had fallen asleep, unfinished papers in their laps.  The next morning Holly woke to the sound of her roommates. They noticed her still puffy eyes and inquired what was wrong. Holly had previously decided to tell Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown about Holly and Draco’s breakup because they would spread the word the fastest; being obnoxiously good gossips. Sure enough, as soon as Holly finished telling them how Draco had visited Pansy Parkinson over the break they expressed half-hearted sympathies then rushed down the stairs.  Hermione on the other hand sat with Holly and made sure she was ok before they both went down to the Great Hall for breakfast.

The rest of the days Holly spent in the library immersing herself in her studies or in the Gryffindor common room. She liked her alone time in the library but also liked being with the group of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny. She grew closer to the two girls and came on better terms with the boys. Instead of avoiding her, they just saw her as one of the group but that they wouldn’t hang out with by themselves. Holly also became close with the Gamekeeper, a half-giant named Hagrid. She visited him with the group a couple of times and then got into the habit of visiting him by herself after her Transfiguration class. They shared stories about their great adventures; Holly’s in North America and his in Northern Europe searching for giants. She almost made a peculiar friend who she met in the girls’ bathroom on the first floor.

One day Holly had finally broken down crying in the bathroom after holding herself together for a few weeks. She had never seen girls go into this certain bathroom so she thought it would a good place to just sit and cry. Holly had avoided the Room of Requirement because she had too many memories of Draco in there. She was sitting on the floor crying into her hands with her back against a wall.  Suddenly she felt an ice cold sensation on her shoulder and she looked up beside her. She jumped slightly as the ghost of a girl with dark hair with bangs, pimples and glasses was floating beside her.

“Oh scared of miserable, moping, moaning Myrtle are you? All I was doing was trying to comfort you!” She screeched at Holly.

Holly quickly got to her feet and held her hands up. “No no I’m not scared of you!” She exclaimed, “I’ve just never seen a ghost this close up before!” Myrtle’s face smoothed back to her original sympathetic look.

“Oh I see, yes apparently the sensation of a ghost touching you is pretty original don’t you think?”

Holly thought back to her legs were submerged in the icy water of the lake. She quickly shook that memory out of her head. What had followed that had been an amazing memory with Draco that she didn’t want to think about.

“I am sorry; you just seemed more upset than I am!” Myrtle exclaimed, happy someone was as miserable as her. “What happened? Bad mark on your paper? Peeves throw chalkboard erasers at you?”

Holly sighed, “Actually it was a boy.”

Myrtle spun in the air, “Ohhhh a boyyyyy, what fun! What’s his name? What happened? Do tell!”

Suddenly Holly found herself spilling about Draco, how she missed him and was worried she was about him to this ghost of an immortalized third-year girl. Holly had failed to see Draco at all over the weeks, not in the Great Hall for meals or in any of their two classes together. Myrtle nodded sympathetically and told Holly she could come to Myrtle’s bathroom anytime she needed to. Holly found herself coming back many times and enjoyed talking to a girl who wouldn’t judge her because of what the boy’s name was.

One time she walked into the bathroom and instead of Holly calling Myrtle’s name trying to find her in one of the U-bends, Myrtle was waiting for Holly by the sinks, positively bursting with excitement.

“I have news about your boy!” She said excitedly once Holly walked in. “I was travelling through the pipes on my daily float and saw him in the boy’s bathroom on the seventh floor!”

Holly’s heart beat faster with excitement, “Is he ok? Did he say anything?”

Myrtle’s face dropped slightly, sending Holly’s heart down a few inches, “Well he looked a little shaken; he was just staring at the sink when he suddenly drew his wand and was about the blast it away! I flew out at him to stop him from destroying it and then we started talking about why he was so upset. He told me he missed you and that he was really stressed about something."

Holly took in Myrtle’s words and an idea formed in her head. “Myrtle, did you like talking to him?”

Myrtle smiled like a little school girl, “Yes, of course! He was very nice to me!”

Holly smiled, “Yes he is very nice isn’t he. How would you like to check in on him every so often, ask how he’s doing and things like that and then you can let me know how he’s doing?”

“Sooo you want me to comfort him and not make him think about you?” Myrtle asked grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Holly grimaced internally but smiled on the outside, “Yes, that’s exactly what I’d like you to do.”

And so Holly and Myrtle’s friendship was based around the feelings of Draco. Holly learned that he cried sometimes in the bathroom when the stress was too much. But because of Myrtle’s comforting, he started going to classes and she saw his blond head at meals again. Satisfied with the arrangement, Holly’s worries grew smaller but were still at the back of her mind.


One night in the Gryffindor common room, while Holly, Hermione, Harry and Ron were doing homework at a circular table, a small second-year girl handed Harry a rolled up piece of parchment tied together with a ribbon. Harry didn’t open it and quickly hid it in his bag so Holly couldn’t see. She rolled her eyes internally again; Holly knew exactly what that paper said and knew who it was from. Unknown by the trio, Holly too was having private lessons with Dumbledore. He showed her the same memories he showed Harry but asked Holly to keep it a secret. Dumbledore wasn’t sure how Harry would handle working together with his twin so they kept the lessons private. In their last lesson, Dumbledore had told her that Harry’s homework was to get a completed memory from Professor Slughorn and that the memory was the key to defeating Lord Voldemort. Holly waited patently for Harry to retrieve the memory but so far he had not. She wished that Dumbledore had given her the task, she probably would have had it by now, but she valued his decision and sat in silence.

A few days after the letter exchange in the common room, Holly was sitting with Hermione and Ginny as breakfast. The meal was cut short when Professor McGonagall hurried over to the trio of girls and told them that Ron had been poisoned and Harry had saved him with a beazor. The girls rushed to the Hospital Wing and heard the Professors discussing that the mead that Slughorn had given Ron after he cured him of a Love Potion had been laced with poison and that Slughorn was actually going to give the mead to Dumbledore as a gift. After being shooed out of the Hospital wing, Harry, Hermione and Holly mussed about who may have poisoned the drink.

“Malfoy. It was him I know it, he cursed Katie Bell and poisoned Ron. He’s trying to kill Professor Dumbledore” Harry said immediately.

“Harry, for the thousandth time I don’t think it was Malfoy. I agree he’s not the nicest person out there but I don’t think he would attempt murder.” Hermione replied. “Sorry, Holly” She said as an afterthought.

Holly shook her head, “Don’t apologize. After what he did to me I could care less about him, stupid git.” Holly only said that so she would be included in the conversation. If Harry knew she didn’t have feelings towards Draco, he might open up a bit more with her. It seems like it worked. After the Quidditch match between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor where Harry cracked his skull due to a bludger, he told them as a group what he saw before the match.

“Yeah, he was with two girls, heading away from the match!” Harry exclaimed, “If I had only followed him instead of going to the match I’d know what he’s been up to”

“You’re team captain you couldn’t have missed a match anyways” Ginny told him.

The rest of the conversation was drowned out by the roaring sound of jealousy Holy heard in her ears. She took a few deep breaths and reminded herself that Draco could do whatever he wanted; they were broken up after all.  

However, after failing to see Draco anywhere in the castle that night, Holly paid a visit to Myrtle in the bathroom.

“Hey Myrtle, have you seen Draco anywhere recently? Any news?” Holly asked the floating form. After a shake of Myrtle’s head and seeing the genuine disappointment on Myrtle’s face, Holly left the bathroom puzzled. She decided to go somewhere she promised herself she would never go again. Casting the camouflage charm on herself, she walked down a certain hallway, past a girl holding a set of brass scales, and to a particular wall. Holly closed her eyes and wished to see Draco. She opened her them to see a wooden door and made her way inside.

Her eyes widened as she saw a room like no other. Mountains of objects as tall as the ceiling towered over her. Rusting swords, Fanged Frisbees, corked bottles of wine, broomsticks, cauldrons, and books upon books were left in the Room.  To Holly’s left she heard a faint noise, almost like a small whimper. Still camouflaged, she made her way through the maze of things and found a boy with blonde hair sitting on an old trunk with his head in his hands. As Holly moved closer, she saw his shoulders shake and immediately put her hand to her mouth so he couldn’t hear her.

She moved quietly towards Draco and gently placed her hand on his forehead, smoothing away the lines stress and worry that looked permanently scarred on his head. He jumped slightly at her touch but relaxed again after she whispered in his ear, “Hey, it’s me”. Holly sat on the trunk beside him and led his head to rest in her lap. She gently massaged his temples and head until all the worry lines were gone. Draco raised himself up to sitting position again and felt around for Holly’s hand. She smiled and reached towards him, helping him find it.

Draco leaned it to what he thought was her ear but was actually her nose and whispered, “Thank you for coming. And thank you for staying invisible, Crabbe is outside on lookout and Goyle is somewhere in here. It wouldn’t be good if he saw you.”

Holly nodded but then realized he couldn’t see her. She leaned in close to him and asked, “What is your job? How can I help?”

Draco hesitated slightly before nodded towards a cabinet in front of him, “I have to repair that but nothing is working. That’s all I’m saying; the less you know, the better.”

Suddenly there was a loud BANG from somewhere in the room. Draco and Holly both jumped, frightening each other.

“What the hell are you doing Goyle?” Draco shouted, “Keep it down!” Draco leaned back into Holly, “You should probably go, he’ll be coming back here soon and I don’t want him to accidentally find you.” He sighed, “Thank you for coming...I miss you”

Holly restrained herself from leaning in to kiss him, knowing it wouldn’t help matters at all. She squeezed Draco’s hand and got up to leave. Just as she was walking away, she heard Goyle come up to where Draco was sitting. Holly hid behind a stuffed Troll, knowing Draco and Goyle couldn’t see her but it made her feel more protected. She watched as the pair argued about lookout duties and then left for the night. Holly made her way back to the cabinet, examined it and then she too left for her dormitory.

When Draco returned the next day he saw a small piece of parchment with one word written on it.  


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