The Unexpected Ally

[6th year told from a different POV] A new addition to the Hogwarts family comes from North America. After being home-schooled, it's time to be reunited this visitor's last surviving family member and finish their schooling. A bond between the two family members causes havoc and unlikely friendships. This unexpected ally aids in the quest to rid the world of Lord Voldemort once and for all.

(All characters and ideas are by the talented J.K. Rowling, I own nothing.
Some aspects of this book aren't the same as the novels or movies, I tweaked a few things here or there)


11. Calm Before the Storm

Holly hoped her spell would help fix the cabinet for Draco. She had used it many times in the past to repair all sorts of magical objects including door that looks like a window and a bed that transports you across the country. A few days after she left the note for Draco, after consoling Hagrid for the loss of Aragon, his massive spider that lived in the Forbidden Forest, she received a letter from Professor Dumbledore arranging a time for their next lesson.  It seemed as though Harry had been doing his homework. He had recovered the memory from Professor Slughorn and it reviled that Lord Voldemort had asked him about a piece of Dark Magic called Horcruxes. By committing murder, one’s soul is ripped and part of it can be placed in an object. If the person’s body is killed, the person can still survive due to the piece of their soul being alive in the object. It explained how Lord Voldemort was able to survive his backfired killing curse. Dumbledore told Holly to sit tight while he checked on a lead and to await his next letter.

It was the next day while Holly was walking down a seventh floor hallway when she suddenly heard a shrill screech, MURDER MURDER IN THE BATHROOM MURDER. Holly ran to where the voice was coming from. She was about a foot from boy’s bathroom when she realized it was Myrtle who was screaming. She was just about to run into the bathroom when Professor Snape flew by her, his black cloak hitting her, causing her to pause. Snape held out a hand, motioning her not to enter the bathroom and without looking at her he went in. Holly stopped dead in her tracks and strained her ears to try and hear what was going on. The words Vulnera Sanentur were repeated faintly many times before silence came again. The only sounds where Myrtle sobbing, sounding like she was high up in the bathroom ceiling.

Suddenly there were sounds of shuffling and harsh undistinguishable words spoken. Holly froze and she watched Snape reappear, supporting the half conscious body of Draco Malfoy. Draco had blood stains on his white school shirt and his eyes were closed shit, like he was in pain. Holly’s eyes swam with tears but turned and ran to the Gryffindor Tower before anyone could notice. She bumped into Hermione and Ginny on her way to the common room and quickly told them what had happened. They made their way into the common room just five minutes before Harry arrived, drenched in blood and water.

Holly immediately connected the two. She listened in silence with a blank face as Harry explained what had happened. His potions book, written in the margins by the Half-Blood Prince had told him of a spell for enemies. Snape wanted to see his book bag and find out where he learned the piece of Dark Magic. Harry quickly took Ron’s copy of his textbook and left to see Snape. He had gotten off with detention with Snape every Saturday until the end of term.

“You got off lucky Harry!” Hermione exclaimed when Harry complained about his punishment. Holly agreed whole-heartedly but sat in silence. After Harry and Ginny hid the book somewhere in the castle, he came up to Holly in the common room.

“Since I’m in detention with Snape during the final Quidditch match, can you play Chaser while Ginny takes my spot as Seeker?”

Holly was slightly taken aback but thrilled that he had chosen her over Dean Thomas who had filled in for Chaser while Katie Bell was in the hospital.

“Of course Harry, I’ll play my best I promise. Thank you” Holly told him with a smile. He grimaced, as though the thought of Quidditch made him want to be sick.

And so, it was Holly, Ron, and Ginny who walked together down to the Quidditch pitch for the final game of the year. Holly’s stomach tied in knots at the thought of the Cup riding on this game.  She hadn’t played since the Ravenclaw game but remained optimistic. Holly could tell the team was off kilter at the fact that their Captain was missing but Ginny quickly gave them a forceful pep talk that caused their looks of hopelessness into looks of determination.

The team took the field and the game began. Holly blocked out everything when she flew. She didn’t think about Draco, the Horcruxes, classes; anything. The only thing she thought about was weaving through the Chasers on the other team to throw the Quaffle through one of the golden hoops. She lost count of how many times Gryffindor scored or who cheered for what team. Her mind made pathways and different plays in her mind before executing them. Katie Bell and Demelza Robins moved with Holly like clockwork, it seemed like they read her mind and were at exactly the right positions for Holly to pass to them. Before she knew it, Holly heard Madame Hooch’s shrill whistle and cheers from the crowd. The whistle knocked Holly out of her trance and saw Ginny wildly waving her hand in the air clutching the Snitch.

“Gryffindor wins four hundred and fifty to one hundred and forty” Luna Lovegood’s voice said dreamily. “Gryffindor wins the Quidditch Cup!”

Holly flew to the ground and was promptly tackled by the rest of the team. They were lifted by the Gryffindor fans and carried back to the common room to celebrate. Harry walked in about half an hour later and was excitedly grabbed through the portrait hole by a mob of fans. He was handed the Cup and a look of shock then amazement filled his face. Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Holly met a few hours later to discuss the match.

“Ginny was amazing! She caught the Snitch right underneath Cho’s nose. And Ron stopped almost everything that was thrown at him!” Hermione exclaimed. She had an intense time cheering from the stands and her voice had grown hoarse from shouting and screaming. She looked at Holly and said croakily, “And Holly, you were something else. No one could stop you.” Ron and Ginny both nodded in agreement.

“I’d actually blame you for distracting me from catching the Snitch,” Ginny added smiling, “You were amazing to watch, completely untouchable.”

Harry turned to Holly, a look of pride on his face, “Well I guess we owe Dad a lot then, you obviously inherited the family Quidditch gene. Thank you for playing for us today Holly.”

Holly shrugged his compliment off nonchalantly but inside she was beaming. Harry had never called her by her first name before or complimented her and it felt amazing. She was still bitter about his attack on Draco but their bad blood ran deep.

The next day she was called to the Headmaster’s office just before dusk. She opened his door to see him standing behind his desk with a traveling coat in hand.

“Ah Ms. Peters come in, come in.” Dumbledore greeted her. Holly walked to his desk but didn’t take a seat. “This will only take a few moments,” Dumbledore continued. “I have found what I believe to be a Horcrux. I am bringing myself and Harry to find it and try to destroy it. I have only notified yourself and the Heads of Houses that I will be leaving, in case something happens in my absence. I would like you to keep an eye out, along with Harry’s friends, just as an extra set of eyes.”

“You think something will happen tonight Professor?” Holly asked, searching the Headmaster’s face for an inclination of emotion. She found none except for a faint smile.

“I have my guesses. What’s the common phrase? ‘Better to be safe than sorry?’ There are never too many eyes looking about for danger my dear.” Dumbledore replied.  

Holly nodded and started to make her way to the door. She had one hand on the door when she turned back to Professor Dumbledore.

“Thank you for including me in these lessons Headmaster. I really do appreciate it.”

Dumbledore inclined his head at her and said, “As I have always said; two heads are better than one.”

Holly thought for a moment then asked, “Do you every think Harry will want my help? When should I tell him I know about the memories?”

Dumbledore smiled again, “That my dear, is a question you will know the answer to when the time comes.” Holly smiled and bid the Professor a safe journey.

‘That Dumbledore’, Holly thought as she made her way back to the common room, ‘always speaking in riddles.’ Holly stopped for a second, thinking hard. ‘Maybe he’s the one who gave me my radio thingy!’ she thought. Holly resolved to ask Dumbledore about it at their next lesson which she was sure would be filled with interesting tales of how they retrieved the Horcrux.

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