Rising angel

Dette er mit bidrag til 3. advents konkurrencen.


1. A rising angel?

Falling from the sky

No wings, no fly

Landing on the ground

Broken as her heart


Cold as the winter weather

But she don’t care

As long as she knows

they are together


Who is she?

What is she going to do?

Only she knows

what she wants them to


Looks like she’s falling

Through the ground


With a boy on her mind


Seen, but not head

Swallowed by darkness

Hidden tears

Nothing she deserved


Depression and hallucination

Forces her down

But she don’t care

She’s already on the ground


Then he came

Tried to help her out

Through the same

Unhappy he was


Life is an army

There could be abel?

But only he knows

She’s a rising angel

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