A light in the dark

This is about a young girl called becca
She has just moved to westmore prep which is a strict boarding school where she will make friends and enemies but she has never made enemies as bad as these ....


1. First Day

I stepped out of the taxi, door slammed after me, the big tall wide gates of westmore prep stood right in front of me. As i walked closer the more butterflies i  got flying through her chest. Whistles went of in the court yard and prefects towered over everyone. i'm becca by the way, My mum has sent me here because she cant handle things at home and up to know all her lawyer and court have suggested is rehab and if that happens ill be put in to care. First thing i got through the gates i could tell who's group was who we had the perky blondes and the bad girls, the geeks and the jocks. No one there was like me and the butterflies just got bigger and the nerves gave me goose bumps, my skin all bumpy but it was also from the frost bitingly cold Gusts of win on such a cold winters day. 

The whistle went and i was struck, i didn't know what to do i was so confused there was girls rushing everywhere and i was stranded like i was in a box unable to move like some helpless person needing the assistance of others to make my way but its not like that here at westmore prep everyone can be a complete bitch. Girls come past me in every direction i try to stop one but get nudged away. Everyone is in lines and some beast of a woman comes through the doors with her own wip, it must of been for show and to strike fear into others for she cant use that against such inosent people but wasent i wrong, extremely. I lift up my eyes and catch the sight of the most brutal wip given. the pain went right through the poor girl but she stayed tough, how am i going to survive this when everyone can take a wip but i cant even take a slap.

The woman came over to me, she was a very intimidating woman and was eye sore, her face all disgusting like a vial creature. She said why are you not in line! so i replied i'm sorry miss im new here i don't know what i'm meant to do.

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