Presents under the tree

A short story about Santa and presents, basically all things Christmasy


1. A trip down the chimeny

"Goodnight Mummy," George almost trembled with excitement as he clambered up the stairs on Christmas eve, passing the carrot, mince pie and orange juice ('Santa cannot drink drive' he had proclaimed earlier.) George was only young but he realized that he wouldn't be getting any presents this year. His mum had lost her job earlier in the year. However, she had tried to make this Christmas just as special as every other one.

The tree was adorned with twinkling lights, sparkling like diamonds. George was fascinated by them. He stood and watched them for hours on end. It wasn't a big tree, or a big house for that matter. A small two bed roomed house that the little family shared with Anna's (Georges' mum) parents. It was small and not convenient but it was somewhere to stay.

George pulled on his Christmas pajamas, and climbed into bed. Pulling the covers over his head he gazed at his Christmas wish list. He hadn't been able to post it because he didn't have any money for a stamp. It read;

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like Mummy to be happy. I would like all the people who don't have anything this Christmas to have something. I don't want anything for myself but i hope to see you soon.

Love from George

 George kissed the letter, turned of the light and began to dream. Little did he know that somewhere in Lapland, an elf had been watching him in his crystal ball. The little elf had only just finished elf school so he was not allowed to make the toys. Running down the little elf halls in the little elf factory

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