Inque: A Batman Beyond Fanfiction

The story of how Inque decided to allow herself to become a genetic experiment. Not canon, not a word of it. Slightly tied into the Kids of Gotham series.


2. Chapter Two

Whitney was approached by a tall man one evening. She pulled her coat tighter around her and glared at the tall man, who handed her a slightly torn paper. She waited until he was gone before opening the slightly folded piece of tree.

"ARE YOU LOOKING FOR POWER? REVENGE? Then come see Dr. Cuvier! Any object, from ink to animals!"

"Ink." Whitney mused to herself. "Ink..."

Several hours later, Whitney was aroused from the operating room. She extended her arm, only for it to strike the wall in an ink-like form. She sat up and looked in the mirror to find that her face was gone, replaced by a white spot.

With some effort, she managed to become like she once was, except with dark hair and purple skin.

"How are you, Ms. Carver?" a nurse asked, entering the room.

"Not Whitney Carver anymore." Whitney replied.

"Well, who are you then?"



"I-N-Q-U-E. Inque." Whitney - now Inque - smiled at her reflection.

Jess and Baxter Wayne, prepare to die.


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