Inque: A Batman Beyond Fanfiction

The story of how Inque decided to allow herself to become a genetic experiment. Not canon, not a word of it. Slightly tied into the Kids of Gotham series.


1. Chapter One

"Ms. Carver, how are you doing today?"

Whitney Carver glared evilly at her former friend. "Save it, Bullock." she snapped, perching herself on the green couch in his living room as he sat in an armchair across from her. "What are the news?"

Born into poverty, turned to crime, and a vicious enemy of some of the most powerful people in Gotham, Whitney was unfriendly at best.

"Your daughter's fine, and Drake Clay still avoids capture." Dennis Bullock replied.

Whitney sighed heavily. "For the son of a detective, Bullock, you're not very good at espionage." she glared daggers at Dennis, satisfyingly making him squirm.

"Dad wasn't that good either, he mostly relied on Batman to do his job." 

Whitney rolled her eyes. "Well, keep looking. I don't want one stone of Gotham unturned. Drake Clay will pay for the emotional turmoil he put me through." She got up and pulled her coat over her shoulders.

"He only broke up with you, and you didn't care for him much anyway."

At this, Whitney snapped her head to face Dennis. "He could at least have stayed until Deanna was born." she hissed, and was out the door before you can say "ink."

Whitney was so unbelievably jealous. Jess Quinn . . . no, she was Jess Wayne now . . . had everything she'd ever wanted. Money, and the affections of Baxter Wayne. She even had something Whitney now wanted, especially after she had to give Deanna up - two beautiful children.

Whitney couldn't believe her jealousy.

When they'd gone to Gotham High School - now Hamilton Hill High - Whitney had thought she'd forced Jess into submission. She thought the verbal abuse was enough. She HAD developed anorexia, after all.

But no... Baxter Wayne had to fix her.

And now Whitney wanted revenge.

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