Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


2. questions that need answers

I'm at those weird boys house. Although they kidnapped me they're actually being nice. I learnt all their names and I just got out of the shower. "Jade can you come here!" I run downstairs to where the boys are they are all sitting on the sofa. Harry pats a spot next to him. I sit there. "Ask all the questions you want answers to we'll answer them. "How do you know about my family?" Harry looks at me. "Okay do you remember 10th grade i moved schools in yr10 I never really knew you though" He smiles "well it's me Harry from 10th grade. Your step brother went out with my sister Gemma. Any ways they were yr12 and she left your house and she left her phone at your house so she came to get it and she walked into his room and saw him raping you. She tried to help but he raped her instead. "Do you remember that girl trying to save you?" I nod. "Well that was my sister. She told me about the whole rapist thing, I moved schools and she told me to keep an eye on you." Wow so that was Gemma. "I have to get home."

"You can't go home!" Harry pulls a sad face. "I have to or they'll kill me!"

"You're not going back there!"

"you're pretty much kidnapping me. I mean you made me get into your van!" Harry grabs my arm. "Why can't you see they aren't your real family brothers are supposed to protect their sisters with their life!"

"You're right but I don't know my real family I have no mum! Or dad! Or siblings! even if I did I don't know where in the world they are!"

"Well what's your last name?"

"I'm not telling you." I say harshly

"Please!" Harry says with puppy dog eyes. "I don't know!" I snapped and ran upstairs into any random room crying. Niall comes running after me. "Hello" he walks in. "Are you okay?" I turn around so I don't have to face him."Leave me alone!" "You made me stay here why are yo-" he doesn't let me finish my sentence he gently puts his lips against mine and pulls away. I don't know how to react. I don't really know I mean I wanted that to happen but it wasn't the same my brother ruined it. "DINNER!" I look at the alarm clock next to us and it says 1:48AM. WTF? "Why do you guys have breakfast soo early?"

"We don't we just thought you probably haven't eaten for a little while.." He was right I haven't eaten for 6 hours. I shrug and get up. We walk down stairs and I feel kinda sick seeing Harry he's just starring at me. Niall pulls out the chair for me and pushes it back in when in sitting. "Thank you" what a gentlemen

"You're welcome." He sits down. I look around the table and there is heaps of bacon and eggs and you know breakfast. We finished breakfast and I went up to my room with Niall his room is right next to mine. I got into my room. I realised I have nothing to wear. I walk into Niall's room. "Niall I have nothing to wear.." He giggles. "Follow me." I follow him to my bedroom and he opens my cupboard and draws and every thing they has every thing I need. "Thank you!" I hug him. "I'm gonna get dressed." He nods and walks out. I think I love Niall he's soo cute and funny and iv finally found someone who eats as much as me and doesn't gain a pound hehe. I'm pretty skinny for a 19 year old. Any ways iv brushed my teeth and got dressed and every thing I slip into my bed and I feel safe. For the first time in my life I feel safe. "I'm safe" I whisper. I turn around to I face my door and there is someone standing there. "Hello?" I can't really see the person that well because it's pitch black there are no lights but the dim lamp next to me. I can sorta see his figure. He walks up to my bed and gets in. "It's just me, Niall." He whispers gently. "Okay." I close my eyes and try to get back to sleep. I feel his arm go onto my hip and I put my arm around him so we are sorta hugging with one arm.

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