Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


1. I love you

Jade POV

"Hey!" I shout at my bestie Cody. It's night time and you know we just hang here while it's pitch black "Hey!" He shouts back and pulls me behind the wall. (That's been our place since yr7 we always hang here) "Jade we need to talk.."

"Yes?" He looks me straight in the eye not breaking contact. "You've become really clingy what's wrong?" Should I tell him? "I'm hurt?" He looks at me worried. "What's wrong! What happened?" I have to tell him. "I love you." He stared at me blankly. "Jade ,I have a girlfriend.."

"I know that's what hurts!" I run off crying. "Jade wait!" He shouts. I run faster and I sit in an alley way I know they're dangerous but who cares I don't care what happens right now.. I look up nod see 5 people coming my way I get up and attempt to walk away. "Where do you think you're going?" One deep British voice says. "You can't possibly be going back to that abusive family of yours?" I turn around and cry more. "W..what j...just leave me a...alone." I stutter. I couldn't help but ask. "How do you know about my family?" One of them has curly hair and he has dimples. He starts to giggle. The one that keeps fixing his hair pinches his butt and the curly haired guy coughs. "I mean bwahahahah." He smirks at the British guy. I stare at the 5 guys. They turn their head and look at me. "You're coming with us." I shake my head. "No thanks I have to get home." The curly haired guy looks at me sad. "You can't go back!" He screeches. I still don't know how they know about my family. "Just come with us!" I shake my head. "No..."

"Please we'll return you home tomorrow!"

"NO! You don't know what will happen if I don't get back now I'm already in trouble for sneaking out!" Curly grabs my arms and I scream. The British guy with the hair puts his hand over my mouth and the rest just follow. Yeh haha I see a lot in the dark it's not hard I eat heaps of carrots. This is not right I'm getting forced into a van because some stalkers know about my abusive family. Okay well I suppose I should tell you stuff about me?? I'm 19,I live with my 2 step brothers and my dad. My eldest step brother rapes me like all the time same as my other step brother and sometimes my dad does I mean come on that's pretty gross your own dad raping you. Some times they all do it at the same time. I wish I had one of those family's with the brothers that protect their sister 24/7 no matter what, the ones that give their sisters boyfriend a death glare if they even look at their sister. They are the best families. You know sibling support, but nooo I couldn't have a beautiful family?

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