Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


32. I love her

Jades POV

Every ones sleeping peacefully and all of a sudden someone busts through the door. "David and Chris you are under arrest for rape and sex slavery!" About 20 police men come into the house and start searching. "Hello officers Chris and David are my step brothers who did they rape and use as a sex slave?" And then it hit me I was raped and used as a sex slave! Who would of turned them in though? "Some girl named Jade.." I was right. "I'm Jade!"

"Oh is it true what they did?"

"Yes, but they're changed people now! They are my best friends now!" I start to get mad. "Yes we are going to put them in jail. You won't have to worry about them any more!" An officer pats my back. I smack his hand. "Don't fucking touch me! They are the most beautiful people now! Please don't send them to jail!"

"We have to it's against the law!" A cocky officer says full of pride. "They didn't do it!"

"Mummy what's all the noise?" Alex comes down the stairs rubbing his eyes and then every one that can walk comes down the stairs except Niall he's probably still sleeping. "Woah what happened here?" Louis stares at all the police. "Chris and David are wanted for rape and sex slavery!" I roll my eyes. "No they didn't do it!"

"Is she telling the truth?" Every one nods awkwardly. "We'll be back Missy." All the police leave the house. I collapse on the couch and hyperventilate. Zayn picks me up. "Are you okay jade?"


"I'll put Alex to bed." I stand up. "No Liam you don't have to I'll do it."

"I said it first!" He sweeps Alex off the floor and runs upstairs. "Let's watch a movie!"

"Okay which one?"

"How about dirty dancing?"

"Alright yeah." We all sit around the tv. I quickly text David. "Cops broke into my house wanting you and Chris I said you guys weren't guilty for raping and making me your sex slave.."

"Awh thanks sis I love you!!"

"It's okay I love you to, I'm over the whole rape thing any ways!"

"Alright goodnight x thanks again!"

"Goodnight x" I turn on the movie and Liam comes down stairs. It's actually cute how we all watch movies together Sophia and Liam cuddle together, Harry puts his head on Kerry's lap, Louis and Eleanor sit next to eachother with their arms around eachother and her head on his shoulder, Perrie and Zayn are actually soo cute she sits on his lap while he rubs her head and ever now and then she'll kiss his cheek and last me and Niall we like to cuddle but he's sleeping. Then the subtitle came on and every one stood up. "Wait one more movie!" Harry says dramatically. "Fine which one?" Liam laughs. "It a surprise." We all shrug while Harry turns his back and starts picking up movies. Then he reaches one and smirks you could tell he was. He puts it in and guess what it was!! The conjuring. "Harry!" He giggles. We all sit there. It was only the start I was already shaking every one was looking at me. "Turn it off!" Every one laughs. "The girls and I are going to bed!" All the girls get up, I try to get up as well but Harry cuddles me. "Harry please I don't want to watch this."

"Awh it's okay." He gets his hands and makes me watch the movie. "Please stop!" The boys laugh. What the fuck has come over these guys they're all sitting there laughing and watching me be petrified. Then it comes to a bit where the mum is searching the house and all of a sudden she sees the basement door opened so she goes in and gets dragged down the stairs. And I start crying. Niall is upstairs so I'm with the other 4 boys. "Keep watching!"

"Harry she's crying!" Zayn smacks the back of his head and takes me outta Harry's arms. "It's okay." He cradles me I'm his arms. Louis rubs my head and Liam talks to Harry in the corner.

Liam's POV

At first it was funny but Harry told me he was shaking at the start.. "Harry that wasn't funny!"

"I know."

"It was pathetic! I'm disappointed." I shake my head and walk to my traumatised sister. She holds out her arms and I pick her up bridal. "I'm s-scared." She's terrified! "It'll be fine, I'll bring you to Niall." She nods and puts her head into my chest. "Why did you let them do that?"

"I thought it was a joke at first and them you started crying and I knew you were being dead serious, I'm soo sorry!"

"It's okay I guess.."

Jades POV

Liam put me next to Niall and kissed my head. And walked out. It's been about 3 hours I'm still up. Iv been lying in bed but looking around my room I case something drags me out of bed. I start crying. "What's wrong?" Niall immediately sits up and puts his arm around me. "The police wee searching the house for Chris and David and then they left and we all decided to watch a movie we watched dirty dancing and then all the girls went to bed and then the boys made me watch the conjuring and I started crying because Harry held me down and made me watch it."

"I slept through that?"


"Be right back!" He kisses my forehead. "Don't leave me I'm scared." He sighs and picks me up bridal style. We walk to Harry's room and he opens it. "Harry wake the hell up." Harry's sits up. "What were you thinking?"

"I don't know!"

"You do such stupid things when I'm not there but you act like a fucking angel when I'm around!" Niall says angry. "Fine you know what I love Jade! Iv loved her from the beginning!" Then you ear crying and running. I run out of Niall's arms and out of the room to a crying Kerry."it's okay babey!" I run to her and put my arms around her. Now wasn't a time to be a paranoid bitch. "How could he love you I thought he loved me! We had a baby together!" He shakes her head. "Look I'm sorry!! It's just a few things happened before you came into his life." I hold out my hands and help her up. She puts her arm around me and Harry comes sprinting down stairs. "I'm soo sorry!" She gives him a death glare and I roll my eyes and him then we walk past him and I take her to the spare room. "Good night Kerry." I kiss her forehead. And walk out of the room I'm bout half way down the hall way when someone pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me, I try pushing them off but they are too strong. "Who are you?"

"Harry." I hear a smirk. I find the strength to push him off and slap him really hard in the face. Yeah I was that mad. "Get the fuck away from me!" I storm down the hall way until I reach me and Niall's bedroom, I angrily put the covers on me and close my eyes. "What's wrong?"

"You'll see in the morning." I smirk thinking of the slap mark on Harry's cheek tomorrow. I wake up late I hear people in the kitchen so I get up and walk into it. "Woah Harry what happened to your cheek?" Louis laughs examining it. "I don't know ask Jade."

"Do you know what he did to me and Kerry last night?" I asked annoyed. "No what did he do to you?" Niall asks squinting at Harry. "And what did he do to Kerry?" Zayn asks. By now all the adults are looking at Harry. None of the kid are up yet. "I did nothing!"

"Harry if you don't tell them I will!"

"Fine!! I was talking to Niall last night and I said I still loved Jade and Kerry heard and then Jade was walking down the hallway and I kissed her then she slapped me in the face and stormed off." All the girl jaws dropped. Sophia slaps him in the face. "How dare you! Say you love another woman and cheat on one of my sisters!"

"Harry I'm disappointed in you." Eleanor shakes her head. Kerry walks down the stairs with red puffy eyes. All the girls rush over to her. "Oh my gosh are you okay?" Kerry tried to put on a fake smile. "Yeah why do you ask nothing happened, good morning honey." She kisses Harry on the cheek. He has a shocked face on. "What's for breakfast?"

"We're having bacon and eggs I'll start cooking it." Louis walks to the fridge to get all the bacon and eggs. We all go and watch tv while we wait for breakfast Kerry is holding Harry's hand. And all of a sudden she breaks into tears. And runs upstairs. All the girls get up. "Girls I think I'll go up there.." Liam runs upstairs before we could.

Kerry's POV

This is all soo hard what the fuck was Harry thinking last night. "Kerry can I come in?"

"Fine!" Liam slowly walks in. And puts his arm around me. "Look I know what Harry did was extremely pathetic and you don't ever have to forgive him. Just come and talk to me whenever you feel hurt because you're not moving out okay!"

"Okay." He hugs me. "And gets up to walk out. "Wait Liam." I say quietly. He turns around. I don't know what came over me but I kissed him. He pulled away quickly. "I'm going to get breakfast." He jogs out of the room. What is wrong with me why did I do that?

Harry's POV

I feel bad about what I did now but I had to stop hiding it. I want to marry Jade Rose Payne. "Jade!"

"What?" She rolls her eyes at me. "Will you marry me?"

"What? No!"

"Ever since we first kissed I felt sparks you might not of but I did and-" I was cut off by Niall hitting the back of my head. "What the fuck Harry why?"

"I love Jade more than you'll ever love her!" Niall shakes his head. "I don't get you Harry Styles. You're pathetic! I'm married to Jade and we have 3 kids!" Harry starts crying. "I need her."

"Just fuck off Harry."

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