Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


41. David's wedding day

Jades POV

It was early and I was awoken by a light knock at the front door and I answer it. "Hello!" I kiss David and Chris on the cheek. "Come in." I lead then to the sitting room. "What brings you hear?"

"Well it's my wedding next week and my fiancé want to know if you want to be a brides maid. All your friends can come as well. Also can Dearbháil and Alyssa be flower girls and Alex can help them down the isle?" David says with a smile. "Sureeee!" I squeal excited. "Thanks sis, Tara wants you at the dress shop by 12AM." I look at the clock it's only 9AM. I hug David and Chris and they walk out of the house. It's so amazing that these boys raped me and now they are the best people in the world. Well I only have 3 hours so I decided to take a shower, way breakfast and dress up me and Niall's kids so he didn't have to. It came to 11:30 AM and I decided to head out. I was soo excited for the wedding the car ride went soo fast and I finally arrived at the destination. I walked in to the dress shop and Tara and her sisters are already there. "Hi girls!"

"Hi! You must be David's sister?" She hugs me. "Yeah step sister." I smile and me and he sisters sit down while she picks out a few dresses she goes in the dressing room with about 4 dresses and the forth one was stunning on her she just had to buy is. She also got a veil, high heels, flower girl dresses and brides maid dresses. Every thing she picked was truly flawless but that's because she picks out clothes for models and she has her own fashion label.

*wedding day*

It's finally my brothers wedding day and I'm soo happy for him. It's an hour and a half before the wedding every ones getting ready and being excited. "Jade!" One of Tara's sisters run up to me. "Yes?" She looks worried.. "Tara really needs to talk to you she won't talk to any one else!!" I nod and jog to the brides room. "Hi Tara." I walk in and close the for behind me. I look up at her and she's crying? I rush up to her and sit beside her. "What's wrong?!"

"I just feel like David's hiding something from me I just know it like he's done something I don't know.." Was she on to him with the whole raping thing... "What do you mean?" She stands up and reaches into a draw. "This." She holds up a police badge. "I'm officer Tara and he raped you for years."

"No he didn't you've got it all wrong you crazy slut! You're using my brother just so you can get a promotion at work you little bitch!" I step forward. And she backs away. "You're the little bitch!" She pulls out a gun. Then there was a light knock on the door. "Come in." I smirk at Tara. Chris walks in. "what the fuck is this?"

"This is officer Tara and she is using out brother for a promo at work." He looks at her in disgust and yanks me out if the room. "Come with me right now we're going to tell David!" He pulls me to the other side of the building. (In the story there at two exits so the bride goes out one and the groom goes out the other so they son see each other) we knock on David's door and David answers it with a huge smile on his face. "Hey guys." He has never been so happy in his life, me and Chris look at each other and tell him every thing. By the end of it he's in tears and chucked his ring across the room. "How could she?"

"Don't worry you'll find another girl and she won't be such a bitch fucker." David nods. "I feel sorry for you! I actually liked Tara but now I don't know what the fuck is wrong with her!"

"I need you to proceed with the wedding. I have a plan." I whisper to David and Chris. Then I run to Tara's room and tell her she can get married still then I get ready with the other brides maids. Once every one that needed to be at the altar got there the bride was the only one required to be up there. All of a sudden music starts and you see a crazy bitch walking down the aisle with her father. Once she reaches David she sorta smirks at me but no one else saw. It finally got to the bit where they say I do. "Tara do you take David to be your husband?"

"I do."

"David do you take Tara to be your Wife?"

"I don't." He takes my hand and we walk out of the wedding reception. "That was good." I hit his back in a friendly manner. Then Chris and all my friends runs out laughing with their kids. So me, Niall, David , Chris, the boys, the girls and the kids went home in the van. We all say down on the couch once we got home. "Well thanks for the ride we'll walk home now bye." They kiss me on the cheek and walk out and just as they walk out the door is stopped with a foot and some one enters the house. "Girls take the kids up stairs!" I shout and they pick up all 9 kids and hurry up stairs. It's just me and the boys. "So you returned?"

"Yes I have." He smirks. "I'm here for my property." He stares directly at me. Niall's face goes red with anger and he takes a step forward. "Do not call my fucking wife you property she's not your fucking property not even I go around saying she's my property! You better fuck off."

"So what is she then?"

"She a human being!" He says through gritted teeth. "Cody just go away!" Liam shouts as David and Chris walk in. " I forgot my-"

"Hey mate!" Chris slaps Cody on the back and smiles. "What the fuck Chris!"

"What did he do to you?" He says gets angry. "He actually kidnapped me and raped me thank you very much."

"Oh is that right?" David and Chris stand next to me. "So you have the nerve to kidnap our sister?" He looks at David and Liam to see if they're following. "Yeah I did and I'll do it again." He winks and me and I give him an evil glare. "Cody fuck the hell off nobody likes you okay?" He rolls him eyes. "I'll be back you little fuckers!!!" He stomps out of our house.

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