Crazy in Love

Niall and Sophie have been dating for a while now, but what happens when Niall goes out of control and an crazy ex girlfriend comes into the picture?

"Niall your going crazy, your out of control" explained Sophie
"Crazy in love" replied Niall cheekly


2. Meeting the Girl!

Louis P.O.V

I've been secretly dating this model called Eleanor Calder she is amazayn, I really like her and tonight I'm introducing her to the lads and their girlfriends and Sophie Millie and Grace, the whole family is gonna be there. "Lou, I'm really nervous, what if they dont like me?" asked a worried Eleanor "El, dont worry they will adore you" I replied. Little did she know that when we suprised Soph at her shoot, Eleanor was working also and the lads couldnt stop starring at her and commenting on her hottness.

*knock knock*

"They are herreeeee, I'll get it" We heard Grace yell. I used to have a bit of a crush on Grace, so did Harry and Liam. Her blondish brownish hair and her green eyes were beautiful, but I'm extremly happy with El she is equally as beautiful in the inside and out. 

"Oh, and who might this be" questioned Grace in her sweet Australian accent.

"My lovely girlfriend Eleanor Calder" I replied excitedly


Grace P.O.V

"My lovely girlfriend  Eleanor Calder"

I must admit it hurt me a little to hear those words, I used to have a crush on Louis when I first moved from Australia to London. I reconised that Eleanor though but I cant remember where from, then it hit me of course she also works with Victoria's Secret. I sometimes model for Victorias Secret with Sophie. 

"Hi, lovely to meet you again" I said as kindly as I could. "again?' questioned Louis with an confused expression on his face. "Yes, we work together someimes" repled Eleanor sweetly.


Eleanor P.O.V

"Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you all to my girlfriend Eleanor" Screamed Louis over all the noise. "Eleanor this is Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, my sister Sophie, Zayns girlfriend Perrie, Grace and Mille" continued Louis. Everyone murmured their hellos and nice to meets yous and Sophie signaled me to come and sit next to her  Perrie, Grace and Millie.''


Sophie P.O.V

Eleanor seemed really friendly and shy. I called her over to sit my me and the girls, cause if she could be my future sister in law I want to get to know her. 

After talking with Eleanor for an hour or so, I can see that we are going to be best friends.


Louis P.O.V

I looked over to the girls and I saw Eleanor laughing and joking with the others. It is really important to me that she gets along with my sis and her friends, which are also my friends.



Before we got up to leave I had a quick word with Sophie "Sooo, whatcha think of El' I asked "She is sooo nice and very pretty I must add, I love her I think we are going to be like best friends" exclaimed and excited Sophie. "Well I'm glad to hear it" The good thing about living next door to all the guys and girls is just being able to walk next door when your tierd. 


Sophie P.O.V

I was just getting ready for bed when my phone went off *buzz buzz*


From Eleanor

Hey, hope you dont mind Louis gave me your number! :) I was wondering if you and Perrie would like to go shopping with me tomorrow? Thanks for a great night ;)

El xx

I replied imediantly 


To Eleanor

Sounds great, see you out the front at 11? :) Glad you had a good time!!

Soph :) x


I decided to have an early night as I have a big day of shopping ahead of me!

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