I'll never let you go

Charlotte gordon is an ordinary 18 year old directioner who gets bullied worse everyday at school. One day she gets fed up and run into a deserted park and cries her heart out, thats when the famous Niall horan sees her and finds her as the most beautiful girl in the world and develops feelings for her. But things don't work out when they're officially a couple. People bully her more and more breaking her heart piece after piece. Can they lead a relationship peacefully and survive through the bullies? Or do they fight back? Or stay quiet listening to the hate and rude swear words to Charlotte? Find out by reading this movella! Thanks!


17. weirdo hermit habitat... GULP!!

Lottie's POV:

"Now all of you get the plan?" I ask the boys. They nod in unison. My mum approached us. "What about me then? I wanna help!" She said. I sighed. "Okay. Change of plan a bit. The part where I distract Jerome outta the house would be MUM distract Jerome outta the house. Anyway, me distracting him would be a bad idea too. Anyway if this works, we'll all be safe. If anyone dies then-" the phone started to ring. I looked at the lads and at my mum. Niall put his hand on my shoulder. "Pick it up and put it on loud speaker." He said. I nodded and picked up. The others huddled around me.

Jerome's voice filled our ears. "Hi charlotte. Its midnight. Still haven't decided. Then i just have to-" but i cut him off. "Shut the fuck up! I mean.. I... It.. its still not dawn you piece of donkey shit! Wait and let me fucking think!" I shrieked, while stuttering a bit. Fortunately he did not notice.. Whew! He sighed. "Whatever. Bye. Still waiting for you and only you babe..." He said and cut the line.

"Okay now your telling me to distract Jerome... How?" Mum asked. I smirked. "You tell him..." I started and planned. Oh heck yeah this will work! Well... I hope it does...

We got into two separate cars. Niall, me, mum and louis in one car. Zayn, harry and Liam in the other one. We stopped it in the edge of the small woods. Louis led the way, as he knew about it. After like 10 minutes of walking, we saw a little clearing, and in the middle was an old looking house. It looked just like the way louis said. "Okay everyone to their places. Mum go enter. Good luck..." I said giving mum a warm long hug. She nodded. Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis went to the back door side, while Niall, mum and i went to the front door side. This felt like we're the good ones invading the secret hide out of the bad.. lol. I know. Ridiculous right? But anyways, me and Niall stayed at guard in the front door. Mum rang the doorbell and opened a person who looked just like hulk, except he had ordinary skin. "May i help you?" He grunted rudely. Mum looked nervous, but her acting was convincing. "Yes is Jerome in here? I'm his friends mother, he calls me mom and he looks at me like a mother, he is like a son to me. I wanna talk to him.. Privately..." She said. The guard thought about it and said, "come in..."

Jo ann's (Lottie's mum) POV:

The guard told me to enter. I entered the house, it was a bit dirty. I saw a man tied to a chair. Maybe he was the hermit. His eyes was begging me to help him. I gave him a sorry look. Anyways, i walked in beside the hulk guy. He stopped in front of a room. "Master is in here. You may go in." He said. I nodded and entered.

Jerome was sitting on a bed reading a book. He looked up and smirked. "Oh hello Jo ann. Why do you come here! Where is Lottie?" He asked. Such a dick. I thought. Now is the time to fake it all up. "Please Jerome! I hate that Niall slut guy! I want Lottie to marry you! Your the right person for her! You've known her longest than me. I want her to marry you!" I said pleadingly. He looked sorry. "I know but she doesn't want to right? She wants to be with the... The.. Horan whore..." He mumbled the last bit. Sheesh. "Lets take a walk together shall we? Discussing about marrying her. I never want her to marry that famous... Whore." I said. I sighed inside my head. I WANT Niall to marry Lottie... He raised his eyebrows. "Why not here?" He asked. I rolled my eyes. "Fresh air is essential. You'll get great ideas if its in fresh air!" I said enthusiastically. Such a stupid excuse! But.. He smiled! "Of course, thats true. Lets go out." He said getting up. He is so dumb! Anyways, i quickly texted the others SOS as we got out of the house. Niall and Lottie were no where to be seen. I guess they're hiding is good. We walked into the woods talking about the so called 'plans' we were gonna use on Lottie. Thank god those were not true....

Zayn's POV:

"You reckon Jo ann is alright?" Asked Liam. I shrugged. "Who knows?" I mumbled. Harry sighed. "Okay so we-" but our phones vibrated all together. Message beep. I opened my phone to see an SOS. from Jo ann. "Okay Liam. Lets get in." I said. Just then my phone started vibrating. It was Lottie calling. Louis looked at my phone. "Pick it up mate." He urged me. I nodded and picked up. (Zayn: Z Lottie: L)


Z: Lottie everything alright?

L: yeah just saw mum get outta the house with Jerome. Now you and Liam enter but warning. There are guards at the sizes of hulks. So use something, a weapon. Anthing.

Z: okay... Like what?

L: a log? An axe? Go search one fast!

Z: okay i'm on it bye.

L: okay good luck and bye.

Z: thanks same to you and bye.

*end of conversation*

"Anything wrong?" Harry asked. I shook my head. "Good news and bad news. The good news is, Jerome is outta the house. Jo ann did a good job. And bad news is..." Liam gulped. "Tell us already Zayn." Liam mumbled. "The guards are the size of hulks and we need a weapon. Anything. Just to knock 'em out." I said. Liam looked around. "Louis Harry go search for some stuff at the right, while Zayn and i do the left." Liam said and we ran looking for something.

"The woods has to have weapons right?" I asked Liam. He nodded. "Yep. People come and cut wood and..." He trailed away and stared right ahead. I looked there and saw something i never expected seeing,

It was just like a video game. There was and axe on a stump, and a few feet away, there were a pack of wolves staring hungrily at us. "Uh.. Liam? Did you know there were wolves here?" I asked him. He shook his head. "Run for the axe and attack the wolves with it." Liam muttered. I nodded. "On three." I whispered. "1..2..3!" We both said in unison and i grabbed the axe. A wolf pounced onto Liam, making me gasp. Another wolf came to me. I hit it and it whimpered away. Then, I hit the wolf on Liam. The blade sunk deep into the body of it. It died. The other wolves ran away in fear.

"You okay Liam?" I asked kneeling down beside him, pushing the wolf's dead body off his body, and helping him up. He nodded. "Yeah i'm fine. Lets go." He said and he texted Louis and Harry saying we found one. "We did too. Found a t filled with axes and sword and stuff. Weird old man gave it away. We accepted. Head to the weird hermit habitat!" Louis replied.

We walked towards the place we hid earlier and saw louis and harry grinning ear to ear with a swords, a dagger and an axe. Liam's jaw dropped. "Explain Tomlinson!" Liam said sternly. Louis nodded. "We were walking by when we saw an old creepy man in a hut. Harry thought he might have something, so we asked if we could borrow these babies and explained why. He felt 'utmost' sorry for us and gave these babies!" He said. Harry shook his head. "Why do you call these babies Lou?" He said. Liam and i laughed a bit.

I took the dagger, Liam with the sword, Louis and Harry with the axes."Okay lets get in." I said to Liam. He nodded. "Good luck lads. Have fun!" Louis joked the last bit. Liam shoved him. "Louis!" And we entered the house through the back door. I gripped the handle and stepped in, Liam by my side...

Lottie's POV:

I saw Zayn and Liam coming out of the woods with a dagger and a sword. Whoa these boys find stuff. "Is that Zayn and Liam?" Niall asked. I nodded giggling. "Thats just so funny!" I said. Niall nodded laughing a bit too.

They look side to side and enter from the back door. Okay... Now we just have to wait. But then, my phone started vibrating. Harry was calling. I picked up.

"Hi Lottie. We were wondering about a better plan... To distract the guards if there are more than we think there are, like a plan B!" Harry said. I was confused! "What is it?" I asked. Then louis said something,which i could not make out the words. "I'm gonna dress up like a hot girl also louis here. If they ask names i'll say i'm Harriet Edward and Louis will say he... I mean she's Louise William. Okay? You think the idea is good?" Harry asked. I smiled. "Great do it!" I said doing a little victory dance. Niall looked at me confused. I felt myself blush. "Sorry!" I mouthed. I got back to the phone. "Okay then keep watching. I'll enter first then Louis would. Okay?" He asked. I agreed and got off the phone after wishing them good lucks.

Niall looked at me. "Who? What? Where and when?" He asked. I giggled. "Ha ha. Who: Larry Stylinson. What: a plan B! Where: back door when: now." I said sarcastically. Then i explained what harry said. "You go to the back door and keep a look out. I'll be here." Niall told me. He kissed me softly. "Good luck babe, oh and video them. I wanna see. Bye." He said giving one last peck on my lips. I nod and walk to the wood area near the back door. Louis and harry were struggling with some lovely girls dresses. How lovely. Oh this was gonna be fun...

Louis's POV:

"Harry this... Wont... Fucking... Fit..." I said tugging up my dress. Harry looked at ms with eyes filled with hatred. "What?" I asked him. "You said the F word mate." He growled. Uh oh. I forgot he hates swearing... "Mate I'm struggling can't you see?!" I asked him. He just scowled and continued with his dress.

Then we hear footsteps. Oh god! I look around so does harry. I saw from a bit far away, i recognise those denim shorts and tank top! Thats Lottie! I sighed in relief. "Lottie you gave us a scare. Why're you here?" I asked her gently. She came closer. "Oh you both go in i'm here for look out Niall is at the front door. Jo ann is with Jerome and Zayn and Liam are in." She explained. We both nodded.

She realised our dresses and burst into fits of giggles. "Where'd you get these?" She asked. I looked at harry. "We called his mum and she brought 'em here." I told her. Harry nodded. Lottie was still giggling. "Okay then but you'll look like women if you don't have wigs!" She said. Harry came up to us behind me, holding two wigs. One had chestnut brown straight hair the other had honey brownish blonde super curly. "Here are the wigs." Harry said holding them up. Lottie giggled.

"Ok so how do you know that the other two would be in danger?" She asked. I shrugged. "Isn't it obvious? We'll hear sword fights." I told her putting the wig on. I put the straight hair wig. Harry put the curly haired wig. Of course... "But still really be serious for once Tomlinson!" She said. I hung my head in shame. "Sorry but i hate it when its like that... I mean... Seriousness sucks.." I mumbled. She patted my shoulder. "Its okay i understand. But tell me!" She insisted. "Zayn or Liam would shout, 'I LOVE TEA' thats when we know they're in danger. They are MEN they are most likely to handle 'em" i told her. She giggled, "i love tea? Seriously?" She asked giggling. I smiled and told her, "I know!"

We were ready at last with a little help from Lottie. I looked... Girly and beautiful. But a bit like a slut. But yeah we looked okay for the 'enemies'. "Okay now we wait until the signal. If they succeed, It'll be 'I LOVE NANDOS' okay?" Harry told Lottie. She nodded as we waited...

Liam's POV:

"Open it man." Zayn said. I nodded and opened the door. Inside it was dimly lit and hard to see. Zayn narrowed his eyes. "Liam, i can't see properly..." He whispered. I nodded. "Me too..." I whispered back. Then a light on the ceiling suddenly lit bright. There were like 5 ENORMOUS guard people. They looked bulky and strong. Like hulk. "Here to save the pretty girls' life aren't you weaklings?" One if them smirked. The others laughed a bit. "We are NOT weaklings you freaking bags of shit!" Zayn said through gritted teeth. Oh god he's getting angry.

I started getting angry too. "Then why can't you compete us without your armour LOSERS!" Another one yelled at us. I gripped my armour tighter. I knew any moment they would charge at us. "Why can't you compete US without your shit filled muscles?" I asked angrily. Their smirks vanished. "Wanna play the hard way dudes? Then be it.." Said another. He had a strong Californian accent. I smirked. "Bring it on... DUDE..." I said the last word in a racist manner.

(A/N: i am not a racist or trynna be one but i love Cali its one of my dream destinations but this story needs to be a teeny bit racist in my opinion... a bit so sorry if i offended anyone...)

he gritted his teeth and charged at me. He punched me in the gut almost knocking me out. Zayn was fighting another 2 guards. I was with 3 guards. I needed help. "ZAYN AND I LOVE TEA!" I yelled. Zayn looked at me confused and nodded. The other guard looked at me with confusion but shrugged it off. We kept on fighting then unsurprisingly, one of them hit my arm and hurt me bad. It might have been broken... I don't wanna think about it. Louis and Harry better be quick!! Or i'll be tonight's meal for the wolves....

Harry's POV:

Its been like 5 minutes. Waiting and being bored. Then we heard it.. "ZAYN AND I LOVE TEA!" It sounded like Liam. Oh god they're in trouble! Louis stood up suddenly. "Harry that sounded like Liam! Lets go now!" He said. I nodded. "Bye Lottie. See you soon." I said giving her a hug, louis did the same and we entered. "Oh hello boys!" I said with my most girlish voice. Louis giggled girlishly. I was pretty surprised by his girlish giggle! "Ah yes. Are we joined to the party? I hope we are! Don't we Harriet?" Everyone stared at us. Zayn and Liam's jaws dropped at once. I had the urge to laugh but i am currently a girl so no can do, i thought to myself. I went to the guy holding Liam. Louis went to the guy holding Zayn. I tried flirting him the 'girl' way. "I was lost and i saw this house. You look hot." I said tracing his biceps. Ew i feel guilty and seem gay but this is for the lovely girls... Sigh...

"Well... Yeah.. Thanks you look sexy though" said the guy. He had a Californian accent. Oh joy. "I am? Oh thanks hottie..." I said with a girlish giggle. "Oh we are lost can you show us the way out of the woods?" Louis said to the guard holding Zayn. He smiled. "Of course come with me you ladies!" He said. But i pouted my red lipstick lips. "Aww no i wanna go with this guy!" I said holding the bicep of the cali guy. He smiled. " we both will go with you." He said and we went out of the place. At least Liam and Zayn can handle the other three.

"So whats your name sexy?" He asked me. I giggled girlishly. "You won't like it... Harriet..." I said. Sheesh i will celebrate when i knock these guys out. The other guy and louis were chatting too. Louis glanced at me nervously. I knew what he was thinking. I nodded. "So where are you from?" The guy asked me. "Im from..." I trailed off. THINK OF A PLACE HARRY! I thought to myself. "I'm from Liverpool. But i grew up in London so i don't have a Scouse accent." I said. He nodded.

At last we reached the edge of the forest. Louis glanced at me and nodded mischievously. I nodded smirking. "Okay we're here. Its bye i guess." The cali guy said to me. I smirked. "Yes... Its bye. LOU! 1 2 3 PUNCH!" I yelled and we both punched the guy's crotch. They yelped in pain and fell down. I kicked them more and more and knocked him out. Louis did the same too. "Okay that was fun Hazza. Lets go help Zayn and Liam!" He said. I nodded as we rushed to the house....

Zayn's POV:

I hit the guy's crotch and he fell. Liam was struggling as he injured his arm. I rushed over and helped him. Then the door burst open and came in Harry and Louis. "Wow you were damn sexy!" I mocked them. Louis hit the guy's crotch and now everyone was on the ground. I hit everyone one last time with my foot. "Okay lets get the girls." Liam said. I nodded. "But where are they?" Louis asked. I shrugged. "Lets split up. There are three rooms. Zayn come with me. Louis go to the left one, harry to the right and Zayn and i to the middle." Liam explained. I nodded. "Okay lets go good luck lads!" Louis said and entered.

Liam and i entered the room. It was dimly lit. Then i saw three chairs in the middle. And THE GIRLS WERE TIED ON IT! "LOUIS HARRY WE FOUND THEM!" I yelled. Louis and harry came running. We were frozen to the spot. I slowly made y way to perrie. "Oh babe i missed you." I said hugging Perrie. She nodded. I untied the knots and let her go. Louis did the same with Eleanor and Liam did the same with Danielle. "We have to get out now! Come on!" Liam said and we all nod and get out of the house to Lottie's hiding place.

"OH YOU SAVED THEM!" Lottie cried and hugged each of the girls. "Okay now. Harry and i will change..." Louis said. the girls giggled. "Why'd you wear that Lou?" Perrie asked laughing. Louis pouted. "To save you of course. Lottie give us our clothes." Louis said. She nods and gives them their clothes.

"Okay i'm sending mum the text to come back to the house and niall is at the front door. What you have to is... You all go back to the house. Niall, mum and i will do the rest." Lottie said texting. "No way Lottie! We're staying here!" I said. The others nodded in agreement. She sighed. "No. But i will keep harry." She said. We all looked at him. "Why only me?" Harry asked. "You don't have a girlfriend to spend time with. You guys go. Please harry stay." She said. We nod. She did have a good explanation. Harry is single and stuff but we wanna help her. I sighed. I put my hand on her shoulder. "But at least tell us what your gonna do?" I asked her.

She sighed. "I am gonna face Jerome with Niall...."

Lottie's POV:

"I'm gonna face Jerome with Niall..." I said. They looked at me horror filled their face. "He might do something to you sweetie!" Danielle said. I sighed. " i'm taking Niall. Harry could be on guard?" I asked him. He nodded. "Anything for my lil sis." He said. I smiled. "Okay you all can go. I'm going to Niall with harry." I told them giving each a small hug and saying our goodbyes.

Harry and i headed to Niall's hiding place. Niall was sitting there waiting for me to come. "Love are you okay?" He asked pecking me on the lips. I nod. "Look, when mum comes, we go in. Harry here will be on guard." I told him. He nods. "We face Jerome right?" He asked. I nod. "I saw you and louis harry. You looked hilarious!" Niall said to harry. I giggled as harry pouted in protest.

Just then, we saw mum coming with Jerome, chatting happily... Well Jerome was. They entered the house. "Okay Niall, we go in NOW. harry same codes. Bye." I said practically dragging Niall with me quickly.

We stood in front of the front door. "Okay Niall. Lets do it." I told Niall. He let out a deep breath. "Okay" and i opened the front door...

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