I'll never let you go

Charlotte gordon is an ordinary 18 year old directioner who gets bullied worse everyday at school. One day she gets fed up and run into a deserted park and cries her heart out, thats when the famous Niall horan sees her and finds her as the most beautiful girl in the world and develops feelings for her. But things don't work out when they're officially a couple. People bully her more and more breaking her heart piece after piece. Can they lead a relationship peacefully and survive through the bullies? Or do they fight back? Or stay quiet listening to the hate and rude swear words to Charlotte? Find out by reading this movella! Thanks!


8. oh my god

Lottie's POV:

i had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. very bad. i felt uncomfortable and i knew something wring would happen soon.. But.. WHAT? and I even felt so disappointed. A million questions were running through my mind. Did Jerome have feelings for me? Was he angry with me? Did i do something wrong? Omfg my head would burst! I can't decide... Should i tell Niall? Or not? Will it influence OUR relationship? I went down to the living room. I felt so jammed up. "Hey Love.. Whats wrong?" Niall asked as i entered. He knew! He knew i looked down and upset! Oh god should i tell him? "Um.. Niall? Can i talk to you.. In private? In my room? Its important." I asked. He nodded. "Sure babe. Come on" he said and we went to my room. "Tell me whats wrong babe. I'll try to help you. In anyway." He said resting his hands on my shoulders. I looked into his eyes. "Don't end our relationship after i tell you this okay? I love you and always will." I said in a shaky voice, i knew i was gonna cry. He nodded. "I won't even think about it. Just tell me." He said, making me sit down on the bed. He sat next to me and looked at me with eyes full of concern. Then, i burst into tears and luckily between hard sobs, i managed to tell him the whole conversation about Jerome, and how i knew him well, and everything i felt about it. "Okay.. You think Jerome is angry with you or he is having feelings for you?" Niall asked when i finished. I nodded. "And the worst part is.. He seeks revenge... He might even... even.. KILL." I told him. He nodded. "But don't worry. I'll stay with you no matter what. We'll go through this together okay? And stop crying. It hurts me." He said wiping off my tears. I nodded. "Thank you Niall... I owe you so much! So so much!" I said and hugged him tight. He hugged back. "No you don't. I love you. And always will. I know its a strong thing to say but i have been in lots of relationships, but this one feels special. Way too special." Niall whispered. I looked up to him. "Really? You never expected you to fall for a fan right?" I asked him. He chuckled. "Yep. Never. But this is life right?" He said. I nodded. "Yeah. Life can change so much. SO much." I said. I felt him smile.

We stayed like that for a long time. I felt better by telling Niall. Then something unexpected happened. I heard screaming from downstairs. It sounded like Danielle! Niall and i got alert at once. Niall got up. "It might be Jerome!" I whispered, which was the first thing which burst into my mind. Niall nodded. "Stay here! and DO NOT be seen!" He said running downstairs. I really wanted to sneak peek. I got out of the room and stayed upstairs watching the commotion.

Sure thing, i saw Jerome. And he... I felt weak. I slid down to the floor. He had.. A FUCKING KNIFE! Omfg! He was holding Danielle by the throat! and the other lads and their girlfriends were rooted to the spot. "Tell me where is Charlotte, and i'll set this lovely lady untouched by the knife." Said Jerome. Niall arrived there. "So your the loving BOYFRIEND eh? Gimme charlotte or else..." He put the knife nearer to Danielle's throat. She whimpered helplessly. A second away from death... I had to do something. I grabbed a knife myself. i wont kill him. i'll threaten and give some good violent wounds. i'm not violent, but i am really on the peak when i'm in the mood, and Jerome knows it well... I ran downstairs.


"Lottie... Im sorry.. Im sorry for being friends with your bullies... I wanted to be... Popular... Im sorry Lottie..." Jerome said pleadingly. I snorted. "You filthy old hog! Saying sorry! How hurt i've been. They bullied me double!" I yelled showing the places they hit which were filled with cuts and bruises. He looked shocked. "I never knew..." He mumbled. I was crying and breathing heavily. "Oh i'll show you.. What... pain IS!" I yelled and cut his arm with the scissor i had. It started to bleed profusely. "Lottie what..it hurts! Ow!" Jerome whimpered but i cut him off. "Now you know how i felt then... Stay away!" I yelled and left him with a bleeding arm.

Later after a week of holding a grudge, we were friends again... I can't believe it...

*flashback ended*

"JEROME!" I yelled angrily. He smiled coldly at me. "Hi charlotte my love." He said casually as if nothing happened. "Let Danielle go." I said angrily. He just smirked. "Marry me and i will." He said pouting and being so very much un-jerome-Ish. I NEVER saw him pout. I looked at Niall. He looked really hurt. I can see tears in his eyes. "Jerome. I said, let. Danielle. go. Or else you know what i'll do.. You know.. What i'll.. DO!" I yelled out the last word. His smirk was wiped off. "What will you do?" He asked a bit weakness and horror in his voice. I smirked. "The same as three years ago.. Remember?" I let out a cackle. I got near and put the knife in his throat. "LET DANIELLE GO OR I'LL FUCKING KILL OR CUT YOU AND YOU KNOW I WILL!" I yelled louder. He looked shocked. The others were like shocked mannequins. He let Danielle go. She rushed to Liam, and hugged him tight. "Okay. I let her go. Now you won't kill me right?" He asked me. I snickered evilly. "Nope, i will. You should have been happy for my relationship. That means since kindergarten, all you did was get JEALOUS of me! Hah! Such a good friend eh? I don't give a fucking shit. if you hurt my friends, then i hurt YOU. mentally and... PHYSICALLY!" I yelled and cut a wound on his arm with a knife. a deep one. And it would hurt a lot. It started to bleed. I cut another on his other arm. Which started to bleed too. "Your so mean Lottie. I never expected it. I love you." He said tears streaming down his face. I smirked. "I hate you too and i don't give a fuck either. Leave! Get out! NOW!" I yelled out the last word. He scurried away in terror.

I turned to the others. They were frozen. There was a long awkward silence. "Babe.." Niall finally said. I turned to him. "Yeah?" I asked him. "Your so violent Lottie..." Louis said shocked. "Nialler you got a violent one" Zayn said. I smiled weakly. "I am violent when i feel like it. I will never feel like that to you guys. Your too nice." I said. They all sighed in relief "Thank goodness!" Perrie sighed. I smiled wider. "He was so mean! Danielle i'm so sorry! You could've lost your life! And Liam I'm sorry you could've lost her too." I said hanging my head in shame and sadness.

"No way your in our family now! We'll fight with you." Liam said. I smiled weakly. "Thanks..." I said. I still felt my mind jammed up and shocked. And then, i felt really dizzy. My head hurts a lot. The room started to spin... "Uh... My head... Niall..." I managed to say holding my head. Niall rushed to me and held me. "Whats wrong love?" He asked concerned. Then i felt myself fall down and everything went black

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