I'll never let you go

Charlotte gordon is an ordinary 18 year old directioner who gets bullied worse everyday at school. One day she gets fed up and run into a deserted park and cries her heart out, thats when the famous Niall horan sees her and finds her as the most beautiful girl in the world and develops feelings for her. But things don't work out when they're officially a couple. People bully her more and more breaking her heart piece after piece. Can they lead a relationship peacefully and survive through the bullies? Or do they fight back? Or stay quiet listening to the hate and rude swear words to Charlotte? Find out by reading this movella! Thanks!


3. Meeting lottie's mum

Niall's POV:
"Uh.. Hazza? Could you drop me and Lottie to her house? Her mum wants to meet me and her." I asked harry. He smirked. Oh sh*t. He leaned in. "Hmm.. Why YOU?" He said mockingly. I looked at him trying to look as casual as possible. "She told her mum that i made her better. Thats why. Get going Mr.Flirt!" I said. He shoved me playfully. 
Liam, Louis, Zayn and Danielle went to the 1D house on Liam's car. Harry, charlotte and i went to charlotte's house on harry's car. "Hmm... Lottie. Address please?" Harry asked Lottie. Lottie gave is to harry and he drove us there. Charlotte and i got out of the car. "Good luck Nialler." Harry smirked. I slapped him playfully, not too hard. He just smirked.
We came up to the door. "You okay Nialler?" She asked me, patting my shoulder a bit, which made slight shivers run down my arm. did i really have feelings for her? I nodded. She stared at me for a while and rang the doorbell. 
The door swung open and there stood Lottie's mum. "Oh hello Lottie. And hello Niall. Come in!" Lottie's mum greeted warmly. I was quite surprised by the warm greeting. "Here, have some lemonade." Lottie's mum said while handing me a glass of lemonade. "Thank you Mrs. Gordon" i thanked her politely. She looked surprised by how polite i was. "Oh don't call me Mrs. Gordon. Call me Jo-Ann." She said slightly blushing. I nodded.
"So why'd you invite me and Niall?" Charlotte asked. Her mum sipped some tea. "Explain every detail of what happened." Jo-Ann replied to Lottie sternly. She explained everything. By what Lottie said, There were three mean popular girls in the school; Britney, ashley and Natasha. They were very mean specially to Lottie. They hurt her physically and mentally. Today, they pushed her on the floor, and hit her stomach with their stilettos, and yanked her head into a bowl of chicken home made curry. 
Why are they so mean to her? It wasn't their business to bully her. She was beautiful and very special. I really wanted to smash the bullies into pulps. She was beautiful and she deserved the world as much as those bullies do. I feel so bad for her. I want to help her ever way i can. And i even think i have feelings for her too!
When she was almost done explaining about our day out, she was already in tears. "If it wasn't for Nialler, i would've been more depressed. I can never thank him enough." She said looking at me, tears leaking silently out of her azure blue eyes. Her eyes were so blue and calm, but wet. I felt my face go hot. i knew I was blushing. "Well.. Its okay..." I said awkwardly.
 Jo-ann snapped out of her deep thoughts and turned to Lottie. "Well sweetie, i'm not angry with you. Its not your fault you get bullied,  and thank you Niall for helping her. You can stay for as long as you want with Niall and the lads. They seem really nice the way you explained them, and i trust you sweetie. I'm glad you met Niall." She said. Lottie blushed. She looks so cute. We made an eye contact and she blushed more pink. I knew i was blushing too.
"Oh thank you mum! I love you so much!" Lottie exclaimed as she gave her mum a hug. "Sweetie i always think for your best. I trust the lads...Specially Niall." Jo-ann said. She looked at me. I nodded.
We left for 1D house with some clothes for charlotte. It was saturday tomorrow so she wanted to stay with us. 
Liam picked us up. "Everything alright Nialler?" Liam asked. I nodded and went inside the car. Liam looked at Lottie and at the suitcase. "Whoa! Whats with the suitcase Lottie?" He asked Lottie. She smiled. "I'm staying for the weekend with you lads." She replied. Liam's eyes grew wide. "Thats great! We'll have a little party! Lou would go berserk if he knew..." Liam said. I was alert at once. "Lou? Why?" I asked him abruptly, making Lottie and Liam jump a little. Liam looked shocked by the quick question. "He said Lottie would be funny and would be his next victim." Liam said firmly.
 Next victim? What did that mean? "What do you mean next victim?" Lottie asked. Liam smirked. "Well, his next victim for the practical jokes. Of course!" Liam said obviously, as we got into the car.
The rest of the car ride was silent. I checked my watch. 'Twas 5:30 p.m. I sighed. This day is going way faster than i expected.  We got out of the car and saw some paparazzi rushing towards us. Liam grabbed the suitcase and the three of us ran towards the house. I guess Lou heard us running, so he opened the door just in time. 
"Why were you running guys?" Lou asked. Lottie was panting, hands on her knees. "Paparazzi" Liam managed to say, as he made his way to the living room. I nodded. Lou looked disgusted. "Can't they just leave us alone?" He said shaking his head. Liam, Lottie and i were lost for words. 
We entered the living room. "Why'd you bring a suitcase Lottie?" Lou asked. Lottie smiled. "Where's Zayn and harry? I wanna tell everyone together." She said. Liam and i exchanged grins

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