I'll never let you go

Charlotte gordon is an ordinary 18 year old directioner who gets bullied worse everyday at school. One day she gets fed up and run into a deserted park and cries her heart out, thats when the famous Niall horan sees her and finds her as the most beautiful girl in the world and develops feelings for her. But things don't work out when they're officially a couple. People bully her more and more breaking her heart piece after piece. Can they lead a relationship peacefully and survive through the bullies? Or do they fight back? Or stay quiet listening to the hate and rude swear words to Charlotte? Find out by reading this movella! Thanks!


23. Flashback!

Niall's POV:
"Uh... Do i know you?" Asked Lottie. I froze. Oh good lord, she doesn't remember me... "Wait, i'll call the doctor." I told her. She looked at me confused but nodded. I called the doctor and he came rushing immediately. "Hello, how do you feel?" He asked her. She stared at him for a while. "Memoryless..." She mumbled. I laughed, which made both of them to stare at me. "Do you remember anything of your past Charlotte?" The doc asked.

Lottie's POV:
"Do you remember anything Charlotte?" The doctor asked me. Wait, is my name even Charlotte? Its a beautiful name! But still i tried to remember anything... Nope. No can do. "No..." I told him. The blond guy who hugged me sighed. My guess is, he was my boyfriend. He was cute though. "Okay, i'll leave you two alone, you can talk to Niall and sort it out." The doctor said. Oh! So Niall was his name! Hehe! Cute name though. The doctor left after patting the Niall guy's shoulder.
He looked at me. "Im gonna give you am little introduction about you and me. First me, it feel weird though. Hi, i'm Niall Horan. I am 20 and i am your boyfriend. At least i was... And i am a singer in a band called one direction, with 4 other bandmates, called Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn. I'm irish (thats when i noticed his accent. Stupid me!)  and the other 4 are english. Your english. Your name is Charlotte Maria Gordon, your 18, you have a sister, Cassidy, who is currently studying in Scotland, and you have a mother, Jo ann, and you father died when you were little. I'm gonna call mum and the lads." He said. I giggled, It was funny for someone else to introduce me. lol. 
Niall looked at me and smiled. "Its always cute when you giggle. Um... Mind if i give you a kiss on the cheek? It's been two months since i gave you a proper one..." He asked sadly. I felt sad that i can't remember anything, so i nodded. He smiled brightly and kissed my cheek, i felt sparks fly around me. Oh god his kiss felt really magical. He took out his phone and started calling everyone and texting. 
So he was irish? And he was a singer in a boy band, called one direction, wow, and i am his girlfriend! Holy cow! And the guys' names are... Loris? Henry? Larry? Zach? I suck at remembering. "Niall, is it Loris, henry, Larry and Zach your bandmates?" I asked Niall. He laughed. It was so cute! "No love. Its Louis, harry, Liam and Zayn." He corrected me. I 'oh!'ed and nodded. Okay, louis, harry, Liam and Zayn. Yes! I finally remember! Then i saw a little flash back...
I went into my room, and saw a note on the bed. Thats strange. I picked it up and read; Meet me tonight in the park you cried <3 At eight thirty. Wear your best dress <3 Love, the one and only, N. <3 Oh god! I read it for like ten times. The more i read, the more it made sense. N? Oh! It must be Niall! No other lads' name starts with an N! Oh god! He asked me out on a date! Aww! I checked the time and it was 7:45 p.m! F**k! I had to get ready. I wore the azure blue dress and the matching accessories, which Zayn bought me. I got ready and saw the other lads were still in their rooms. I sighed in relief. If they knew i was going somewhere, there would be a lot of questions.i checked my watch, and it was 8:20 p.m. I walked towards the park. It was nearby. I entered the park and saw someone standing near the bench i cried earlier. I came closer to see Niall. He was in a casual red polo t-shirt and dark blue denim jeans. He looked stunning. His back was facing me. My guess was correct. 'Twas him! "Hey Niall." I called out. He turned around. His blue green eyes examined me head to toe. "Wow.. You look beautiful." He said after staring at me for a long minute. I felt myself blush. "Thanks..." I replied. He came towards me. "Why'd you ask me to come here?" I asked. He brushed away a stray hair from my face, sending slight shivers down my body. He stroked my cheeks gently. "Lottie, I wanna tell you something." He said, blushing pink. "Yeah?" I asked sweetly. We both had made an eye contact. His face came closer to mine... I could smell his sweet strawberry breath... I can almost count his eyelashes now... Our lips were a centimeter away.... "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING BITCH?!?!" Someone called out. Niall and i turned around to see Britney, Ashley and Natasha. Oh god! Why'd they have to come at the best moment of my life. "Who're these?" Niall asked in a whisper. I looked at him. "The bullies." I whispered. I felt tears filling up my eyes. I gave a small sob."Sh.. Calm down... I'm here with you.." Niall whispered into my ear, holding my hand gently stroking it with his thumb. I nodded. They came up to us. "Hey Niall... Will you take a pic with us?" Ashley asked shyly to Niall, but he kept glaring at them, face tomato red. He looked ready to burst. "What are YOU doing here jerk face? You don't belong with major celebs." Britney said and spat in front of my wedges. Ashley and Natasha snickered. Tears leaked out of my eyes like waterfalls. "THATS ENOUGH! I' M NOT GIVING YOU AUTOGRAPHS OR PHOTOS OR ANYTHING! KEEP AWAY FROM MY CHARLOTTE, ME AND THE OTHER BOYS! YOU HEARD ME CORRECT, MY CHARLOTTE! AND IF I GET TO KNOW YOU BULLY HER, I'M GONNA PUNCH YOU GUYS INTO PULPS! AND I MEAN IT YOU PIECES OF F**KING SH*TS! SHE HAS AS MUCH RIGHT AS YOU TO MEET ME. SO STAY AWAY FROM US! F**K OFF B*TCHES!!" Niall yelled on top of his voice. Britney, ashley and Natasha stood frozen to the spot in shock. I guess they never expected THE Niall Horan to yell at them with loads of swear words in their first meeting. "But.. We.. I.." Britney stuttered. "My...? Charlotte...?" Ashley stuttered. Niall still glared at them. "Yes! MY charlotte! Wanna know why?! Because i LOVE her!" Niall yelled. The word love kept echoing in my head. The next thing i knew is, he crashed his lips onto mine. Of course i kissed back. It was sweet, but a bit rough, as he was mad at them. He let go after the best 4 seconds of my whole life. That was my FIRST kiss! To my real true love! Niall! Oh God! Britney looked disgusted. "You love that butt face? I'm hotter." She said smugly, flipping her shoulder length blonde hair. Niall kept glaring at her. "Hot and beautiful have a VERY big difference. Did you know that Sh*t face?" Niall asked and grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the 1D house, leaving Britney, Ashley and Natasha rooted to the spot in shock. He let go of my wrist when we were at the doorstep. "Thank you Niall..." I managed to say. He looked at me. His face was red with all the anger. His face was sweaty with all the shouting, and his eyes were filled with anger, but love for me. "Yeah, For what?" He asked sweetly, forgetting all the anger. I looked straight into his eyes. "For being in my life." I said. He connected his lips onto mine as we passionately kissed. "Hem hem.." Someone cleared their throat.It was Zayn. Crap! Niall and i let go. "Well well... Hmm... Did i interrupt into something love birds?" He asked in a very mocking way. Niall was blushing pink now, all the redness vanished. I felt myself blush too."Come in guys!" He said and let us enter. The other lads were sitting on the couch. "I just caught two lovebirds kissing each other." Zayn said mockingly, making me and Niall blush more. The other lads 'ooh'-ed together. "NEW COUPLE ALERT! NEW COUPLE ALERT!" Louis exclaimed on top of his voice like a robot. They all laughed.  "Welcome to the 1D family Lottie! Your our little sister now!" Harry exclaimed happily. Liam turned to me."I knew it! I knew Niall had a crush on Lottie the moment she came to this house! The way he acted around her and all! Niall ONLY blushed when he REALLY loved someone or when he's angry or embarrassed! Hah!" Liam said. Niall looked at his trainers blushing hard... Aww!
*flashback ends*
OH MY GOD I REMEMBER! just a bit, but i still did not have a single idea what the flashback was about.
"NIALL I REMEMBER SOMETHING!!" I yelled. He rushed towards me. "What do you remember love?" He asked. I told him everything i saw. He nodded. "Well, the girls Britney, ashley and Natasha were mean bullies in you school who bullied you everyday. And the other lads were my bandmates. And... Now do u understand?" He asked me with a sad look. I didn't say anything, but i crashed my lips onto his and we kissed. I felt fireworks burst around me. Niall held my waist and brought me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck. It was magical.he licked my bottom lip for entrance and i let him. After 10 great seconds we let go to breathe. Niall hugged me. "Do you remember now?" He asked me. I nodded. "Yep i do. Everything..." I said. Thats when a mix of flashbacks came into my mind. Everything. I felt happy and satisfied. I'm not someone who doesn't know their own identity, i am charlotte gordon...

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