sexy one shot

he makes me feel good [;


1. I like my kisses down low - Kelly Rowland

I couldn't ignore the way he nibbled on my neck as he sucked on it sweetly. My knees refused to stay strong as his kisses trailed down my stomach. There was no way of stopping him, or me, from the anticipation of what was to come as he had finally made his way to unbuckling my jeans, revealing my already soaked panties. Groans of pleasure erupted from my lips as he kissed in between my thighs, leaving trails of goosebumps. I had to clench my fists to keep me from begging for more. I needed more, but I knew the anticipation would make it all worth while in the end. As he finally pushed my panties to the side, slipping his tongue inside of me slowly, loud moans of pleasure filled the room. Hot, short, breaths fogged the windows. For The Lord would have to forgive me later for I had lusted for his touch all day long. Imagining his sweet caress. Touching myself at the thought of him touching me, but the feeling never compared to the way he made me feel. I shrieked as I begun to reach my peak, my back arching heavily. My eyes had no control as they rolled to the back of my head. My body shook in pure pleasure, I never wanted this feeling to leave me. "Justin, please don't stop!" I begged. Grabbing the back of his head, pushing deeper, I made him please me a little while longer until I... and just like that my heart beat had finally been allowed to slow down as he licked and swallowed every last drop of my sweet juices. I smiled down at him with eyes full of pure lust and a mixture of love. "Your turn baby," I whispered in a seductive, raspy, tone, just the way he liked it. I pulled him up to my level, crawling down as I trailed his body with kisses, pulling down his boxers, revealing my own sweet surprise...

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