The Skater And The Bad Girl

Kate a girl who lost her parents and lives with her best friend zac . as an average 18 year old Kate goes to school and is" a hard to get girl" so many guys love her but who will she love back ? and whats the cost ? Edit


5. overprotective


I was cooking lunch for Kate. Damn it I love this girl! Even though I have I girlfriend, I only have her to make Kate jealous or get any reaction out of her. I mean, I love her but it'll suck if she just rejects me saying that she likes me as a bro right? Thank god its me who is taking care of her, not some as*hole from her school. So for now, I'm content with living with her and knowing that she didn't bring a guy home. Yet. 

*door creaks open and closes softly*  

... Usually by now she'd come running into the kitchen while saying, "I'm home!" So why is it so quiet? Something is up, what is she hiding this time? If I find out that she failed another test I swear that girl is going behind the moon and she's gonna STAY there.

I finished cooking and went to the living room to find her there. I stood in the doorway checking her fine body... WAIT HOLD ON WHAT IN THE MAMA OF EARTH IS THAT!!! SHE WASN'T WEARING THAT SHIRT IN THE MORNING, IT'S A BOY'S SHIRT!! I stood there looking like a lunatic with my eyes wide and my jaw nearly touched the floor. I tried to stay calm as possible but it came out harder than I meant "Kate!! Care to explain why the hell are you wearing a Boy's shirt??!!" I yelled.

She knew that she have done something wrong because she got startled, the books she carried fell on her foot and she winced. For your information in times like this I'd apologize for startling her and apologizing while checking if she's okay but now I just watched her.

When she didn't reply I said it again, "What. Are. You. Wearing?!" It wasn't suppose to come out in that way. Great now I sound like an as* myself but I don't care. 

"Clothes obviously.... if you don't know what that means then it's what you cover your body with" sarcasm and annoyance filled her voice.

This girl is avoiding the real issue and she knows it!! "I know that it's clothes... but why are you wearing a GUY'S shirt!! Are you crazy enough and want to die because girl your about to!" I snapped. "SO WHAT IF I WANT TO.. IT'S MY LIFE MIND YOURS! WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE?! AND WHAT IF I SAID THAT I SLEPT WITH A BOY?! WHAT WOULD YOU DO? HUH?!" "REALLY! BECAUSE FROM THE MOMENT I TOOK CARE OF YOU, YOU BECAME MY LIFE! AND OF COURSE I CARE!! WELL, I'D TRACK THAT GUY DOWN AND BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM" I yelled back. Even though I knew Kate wouldn't sleep with a guy, I doubted her a little. "NOBOSY TOLD YOU TO!! I CAN TAKE CARE OF MY SELF!! AND YOU WOULDN'T!! ITS MY LIFE I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!! I DONT NEED YOUR PERMISSION TO DO ANYTHING I WANT!! I'M 17 NOT 10!!" she yelled back and I swear it sent shivers down my body. "TO YOUR ROOM NOW AND IF I EVER SEE YOU WITH A GUY I... I.... I WILL CHOP HIS HEAD OFF AND YOURS TOO!!" "NO I WON'T LET YOU!! URGH, I HATE YOU!!! YOU CAN BE AN EXTREME JACKA*S SOMETIMES AND RUSH TO CONCLUSIONS EVEN THOUGH YOU DONT KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!!" she yelled while storming off to her room and slamming the door so hard that I thought the poor door's gonna break. When I processed what she said, I felt relief that she didn't do anything with a guy and shame that I overreacted. The only thing in my mind was did she mean it... did she really hate me? Of course not don't be silly Zac. She doesn't hate me, I reassured myself..... Right??


Kate’s pov    chapter 4 part 2

who does he think he is? GOSH it’s just a shirt.

Ahh…. I wonder where he is now? I stood up and something fell I guess it’s from the shirt. Shall I take it? But what if it wasn’t my business fuck that! He gave me his shirt so he knew it was there.

I took the paper and unfolded it slowly trying to peek I couldn’t wait any longer so I just opened it. It says….

Hey Kate I’m sry we didn’t talk, u think u could make up for eye raping with a text ?

                                                                                    (his number) see ya later

I took my phone out shaking. I can’t believe it. I insert his number on my  phone and texted him saying ( Kate = K    Jacob= J)

K: hey….

J: hi finally you woke up and found the paper

K: yeah… so I will return your shirt tomorrow 

J:see you tomorrow ! don’t forget to dream about me :p

I swear I couldn’t help but smile…. I could picture him smirking and winking at me right now… even an earth quake wouldn’t be as powerful as the butterfly’s in my stomach .That feeling. The way my body would react to his touch. UNBELIEVABLE.

I took a warm shower all I need now it to was away the feelings all of them , today was a day to not be forgotten. The warm water slowly rinsing my hair I slid down and stared at the wall recalling the drama if today… AHHHH what a long day.

After I finished the shower I wore a tank top and Nike shorts with some sneakers I put my hair in a messy bun and ran through the neighborhood. I ran for almost 2 hours then stopped at a store and bought some fruit drink.

I went back home and showered again "I just love water" Note the sarcasm , and put my hair in a messy bun then put on my comfortable SpongeBob pj’s . What ? can't a girl love SpongeBob . I mean he is awesome just don’t get me started cause I may never shut up . SpongeBob is so damn awesome ! after I was done I laid on the bed as I put my head on the bed I fell to a dreamless sleep.


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