The Skater And The Bad Girl

Kate a girl who lost her parents and lives with her best friend zac . as an average 18 year old Kate goes to school and is" a hard to get girl" so many guys love her but who will she love back ? and whats the cost ? Edit


8. hanging out and the deal

Xxxxx After School xxxxx

I was by my locker when the bastard himself passed by and by bastard I meant Luke.

“Hello beautiful shall I give you a ride home?” Right as if I’m going to lock myself in a car with you. Ha! Never. Even if I wanted to which I don’t, Jacob is probably waiting.

“Nah… I’m fine, detention after school, you know typical me. I'll see you tomorrow." I replied. Note that I'm a good liar.

“Naughty kitty is punished, aww well I'll see you tomorrow then.” Luke said kissing my cheek. I swear I was disgusted by that man's thoughts.

I took a glance at my watch and noticed I’m running 10 mins late! Shit! I ran through the school hallway as fast as I can. Suddenly I stopped. Why do I care if I am late? It's not like I care if he's waiting right? Yeah I don’t care… Do I? Snap out of it Kate! I continued my trip to the oak tree walking. I arrived 10 mins later.

Jacob was already there staring at me. “REALLY?! 20 MINS!”

That dude has a temper… “Umm yeah had some stuff to deal with.... Oi! Hold on you don’t control my life I'll be late if I want to and btw I'm never late you're simply 20 mins early." I replied.

That was supposed to get him angry but instead he laughed and said "Damn you feisty bi-polar human," he continued to laugh “But that’s all I know about you. Care to share more for the sake of our project?”He then sat down and leaned on the tree. Next thing I know I was sitting beside him 6 inches away to be exact... Weird that I counted eh?

“Well lets see... I’m Kate. 17 years old. I live with Zac a person I love so much” when I mentioned Zac Jacob's body stiffened and his jaw clenched. Whoa... Is he jealous? Yeah right, no way. “Who is btw 22 and more like a brother and best friend if you asked me” that made him relax. So maybe he was jealous after all... Interesting. “My parents died when I was 7, murdered actually.” Unlike most people he didn’t apologize or react which was an act I loved. “I’m hot and feisty. I know karate, judo and Taekwondo. I also know many other fighting techniques so don’t get me angry.”

“Yeah I know.” I heard him whisper. I think that I shouldn’t have heard that.

“I love swimming and reading. I love, love, love and can’t have enough of skating: Ice, land, board, water, sand, you name it. I know it,” he had a wide smile when I mentioned that. “My favorite color is everything except girly pink. I love food so much.” that earned him a chuckle. “And that’s me like it or not I don’t care.”

“Don't worry, I like it, all of it.” he said. “Well, I’m Jacob. 18 years old. I live with my best friend Zayn.” At least it’s a boy I thought. Why do I even care? I don’t care, live with a girl or a boy hell have sex even I don’t care. “My parents divorced and I lived with my mother until I was 14 then moved out” I didn’t apologize either. “I’m good looking” he wiggled his eyebrows which had me chuckling. “I box I bet you do to.” I nod and his smile got wider if that’s possible. “I love reading too. Don't judge me. I like swimming but I don’t swim a lot with people, mostly on my own. I’m the best boy school skater in the state.” He stated proudly. “I love the color blue it’s my favorite. I love food too much I eat like a pig and I’m happy you do too.” he sighed, “And that’s me.” I smiled and we talked about the project and decided that we both are videoing each other skating board, skating to be exact. We also talked about pointless stuff. Crazy right? I looked at my watch and saw it was 4:00 shit. We spent like 2 hours talking. “I got to go. Sorry I'll see you tomorrow”

I waved and walked to the parking lot. I didn’t get to walk much before I was pulled by strong arms and was hugged tightly. From the scent I knew it was Jacob. I hugged back but suddenly realization hit me. I moved away but smiled. I couldn’t deny that I loved it. “Bye I can’t wait to see you tomorrow I'll be counting the moments.” he whispered jokingly. I chuckled and ran to the parking lot. As I got closer to my car, I noticed someone is standing there. Ugh, LUKE “What the hell Kate! Really! 4:00 wow!” he shouted “Who told you to wait for me? Out of my way Luke. I'm late” “No shit your late no shit! And why on earth are you talking with Jacob?” “Luke I don’t need your lectures! You don't own me!” “You keep your status with Jacob strictly under the limit of school mates that’s it nothing else!” Seriously??? “OR WHAT??!!” “Or everyone knows who you are and your big secret is exposed." Shit. No. “Not that only but he will get suspended from school because of the canteen fight he did last month. No one knew who started it but I knew and I videoed it unless…." I can’t risk putting Jacob in danger. “Fine… deal! Ugh, I hate you! You're the worst!”

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