His twin

Skyler-rose is over 10000 years old do you want to know how she's a vampire and not any ordinary vampire she's one of the originals she's klaus's twin sister she was born and raised in mystic falls but left at the age of 700 she just couldn't handle it but when she find out some news that caught her eye she returns to mystic falls thinking as soon as she straightened things out she would leave straight away but two certain boys known as the Salvatore brothers come into her life especially Damon will she stay or will she go


8. Friends

I quietly yawned I sat up but got held down by an arm that was tightly wrapped around my waist I looked to see who it was and saw Damon his hair all ruffled up with his mouth slightly opened I smiled thinking of last night the way his lips were on mine I smiled bringing my hand up to my lips my index finger slightly brushed my bottom lip I could still feel his lips against mine I smiled looking down at him inspecting every inch of his face I got pulled out of my thoughts " its rude to stare" I looked at him shocked he opened his eyes and looked at me "morning beautiful " I looked down blushing he sat up and lifted my head up " now what have I told you about looking at the ground" he asked I smiled thinking about what he said I looked back up at him I felt a cool breeze on my chest I looked down to see the sheet was down to my waist with nothing on beside my bra and undies I wasn't paying attention to the noise around me the door opened and at the same time Damon grabbed the sheet from my waist and pulled it up covering me he held the sheet there making sure who opened the door didn't see my chest area we looked to see stefan and elena standing there "Damon get out of bed I need to talk to you" Damon sighed before turning towards me He made sure I was holding the sheet before getting out of bed naked he walked to his draws and grabbed out a pair of boxers he put them on and looked at stefan who looked inpatient Damon rolled his eyes before coming over to me and giving me a peck on the lips and walking out with stefan elena just stood there I looked at the floor to see my clothes that are shredded into prices I sighed before looking back up at elena " would you mind if I borrowed some clothes" I asked she looked at me "as long as you don't hurt me" I sighed again "elena I don't want to hurt you I actually want to be your friend so could you please forgive me for my actions" I said she looked at me shocked " sure I would love to be your friend and are you sure your not Elijah's twin " I laughed before nodding "I'm pretty sure its cause I have klaus's temper I have Rebekah's patience and I'm basically a mini Elijah with a mix of klaus and Rebekah "she nodded agreeing with me she held her arm out for me to link mine with I stood up untangling myself from the sheets I walked over to elena in my bran and undies and linked arms with her she started to lead me to her and stefan's room we had to walk past through the lounge we walked past stefan and Damon Caroline and Tyler and bonnie were talking with Damon too Damon whistled i put my middle finger up and pointed it towards him he pouted "what was that for "he asked me and elena where nearly out of the lounge so I shouted "BECAUSE IM NOT A DOG" I heard Caroline in the back round " I like the way she speaks but I still don't like her yet" I sighed when we reached their room elena turned towards me " what's wrong" she asked " Caroline doesn't like me does she" I replied elena slightly sighed " that's just Caroline she doesn't like anyone at the start but she will start to warm up to you" I nodded "thank you for being my friend I haven't really had a friend since Emily died so yeah" she nodded and pulled me into a hug which shocked me but I hugged back " don't worry we're going to be best friends" I smiled she took me into her closet "pick anything you want" I nodded and grabbed a pair of black skinny's a black tank top with a sweater over top that has the avengers on it I grabbed a pair of black converse and put them on i walked out of the closet and saw elena and stefan making out on the bed "oh okay um ill be downstairs" elena was about to get up "no no just stay ill go see Caroline , Tyler , Bonnie and Damon "I said walking out I we t vampire speed to the lounge and sat on the couch next to Caroline she moved closer to Tyler I sighed "why don't you like me "I asked she looked at me "because your klaus's twin" I sighed again "see this is why I went In hiding "they all looked at me with questioning looks "everybody hated me because they thought I was exactly like klaus when really I'm not I'm more of a mini Elijah with a mix of Rebekah and klaus "I said sighing Caroline looked at me "but how do I know you aren't going to hurt us " "I won't I promise " I said "how do I know you won't break that promise" she replied "you have my word" I said she still didn't look convinced Jesus Christ she's stubborn "fine "I smiled wide bonnie looked at me " they may be your best friends but I won't be" she said " well Emily was and so was your gram's " I replied she looked at me shocked "you knew Emily and my grams" I nodded she smiled at me "well then we are going to get along fine" I smiled and walked back into Damon's room Damon was following I laid down on the bed Damon laid next to me I rested my head on his chest I felt him wrap his arm around my waist "would you be mine"Damon asked I looked up at him and nodded we leaned in for a kiss I pulled back and laid my head back down slowly falling asleep.


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