His twin

Skyler-rose is over 10000 years old do you want to know how she's a vampire and not any ordinary vampire she's one of the originals she's klaus's twin sister she was born and raised in mystic falls but left at the age of 700 she just couldn't handle it but when she find out some news that caught her eye she returns to mystic falls thinking as soon as she straightened things out she would leave straight away but two certain boys known as the Salvatore brothers come into her life especially Damon will she stay or will she go


10. Betrayed

"Come on wake up " stefan said poking my face if only he new i woke up the first time he poked me he kept on poking me "I suggest you stop poking me unless you want to lose your fucken hand" I said opening my eyes he looked shocked for a second but shook it off and moved his hand back I felt a small vibration on my back i looked to the side to see Damon watching us chuckling I turned back to stefan "and why do I have to get up" I asked still annoyed that I was woken up "because your going to college with elena and Caroline " I sat up but felt a breeze on my chest oh shit that's right I slept in my bra and undies Damon reacted quickly and sat up pulling the sheet over my chest it reminds me of the first time we woke up together "you are leaving today to go to collage with elena and Caroline so start packing "I groaned before flopping back down " why though I've been though collage millions of times " I said stefan sighed " because we are planning to find klaus and get him to tell us where to find the moonstone but if he refused we would kill you" I looked at him shocked "what it's not just my idea" I snapped my head towards Damon "you were apart of this" I said he hanged his head low not wanting to look at me "I can't believe the both of you" I said standing up not caring I was basically naked Damon shot out of bed to cover me up but I glared at him " maybe it was best i went back with klaus " I said going out of the room vampire speed I went to elenas room and went vampire speed inside shocking her I walked into her closet "are you alright" she asked I turned to look towards her I had a few tears going down my face "no I'm not stefan and Damon told me that the were planning on getting klaus to tell them where the moonstone is but if he refused they would kill me" elena turned her head not wanting to look at me "you knew didn't you" I asked she slightly nodded her head I shook my head " I just wanted to be friends with you guys but I guess this is what I get for caring " I said chucking on the clothes that I wore yesterday I went vampire speed down stairs I could hear Damon, elena and stefan chasing after me I was nearly out the door when Damon went vampire speed in front of me "please don't leave" he begged I looked into his eyes and saw hurt and anger towards stefan "I have to " I said going around him I was halfway out when I felt Damon grab my wrist I turned my head and looked at him avoiding his gaze "I love you" he whispered thinking that I would stay if he said that but no it just makes me want to cry "Damon I will always love you but you hurt me you betrayed me " I said ripping my hand out of his grip and going vampire speed hearing their calls for me to come back once I reached the closest road I pulled my phone out of my pocket I flicked through my contacts before clicking on the one I wanted I held the phone against my ear crying " hello" I heard Elijah's voice why does he have klaus's phone "p-p-please p-put k-klaus on" I cried " sky what's" I cut him off "p-please j-just p-put h-h-him on" I begged while sobbing making it hard for him to understand me I heard shuffling in the background before I heard a slightly angry klaus come on "sky what's wrong who hurt you" he asked " j-just c-c-come p-pick me u-up" I said still sobbing "I'm on my way where are you" he said angrily "t-the closest r-road f-f-from the s-s-salvatore h-house" I replied I heard the beeping meaning he hung up I pulled the phone away from my ear crumbling to the ground I wrapped my arms around my knees pulling them to my chest I let my head fall into the small gap between my legs and chest letting my sobs be the only thing you could hear. In about 3 minutes a black car came speeding down the road and slammed down on the breaks in front of me I heard footsteps at vampire speed come towards me I felt arms wrap around me "it's going to be alright" I heard klaus's soothing voice I shook my head slightly "come on let's get you back to the salvatores" he said standing me up I shook my head rapidly I got a questioning look from klaus " p-please t-take m-m-me h-home " I begged he nodded pulling me closer to him he wrapped his arms around me leading me to the car as soon as I was in the passenger seat klaus started walking to his side when he stopped and glared at something I looked to see who he was glaring at and saw Damon and stefan standing at the forest line Damon saw me looking at the and was about to walk towards me when klaus went vampire speed and got in the car and drove off leaving them standing there .
as soon as I got in the car I drove off leaving Damon and stefan standing there i took a quick look to my right to see my baby sister with her legs pulled to her chest with her face in the gap between her legs and chest sobbing I turned back to the road my grip on the wheel tightening who ever did this to her will pay once we reached my house I went vampire speed to her side and picked her up I tightened my grip around her making sure she doesn't fall out of my arms I carried her into the room that I made specially for her I was about to put her down at the door way when I felt her grab a hold of my shirt I looked down to see she was sleeping with a fist full of my shirt in her hand I slightly chuckled before carrying her to her bed I laid her down I was about to walk out when I felt a small hand grab my wrist I turned back to look at her to see she had her eyes open "please stay I need someone" she said her voice cracking at the end my cold lifeless heart broke I nodded and climbed in next to her she laid her head on my chest I felt my shirt beginning to get wet I looked down slightly to see tears were going down her cheeks I sighed before wrapping my arms around her pulling her close "I love you baby sister" I said "I love you big bro" she replied I smiled "forever" I said remembering when we said this as kids "and ever" she said finishing it off with a yawn I kissed her head and fell asleep to her quite snores.


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