Best friends

Calissa stokesberry and Niall horan have been best friends sense they were 3. When Niall gets famous and can't be around as much can this be the end to their friendship or possibly relationship?


1. Niall

Calissa's P.O.V.

I was so excited for Niall. I mean knowing that my best friend is going to be on the X factor! How cool is that but their was something inside of me that was breaking me to pieces watching him getting into that car and leave. (BUZZ) I looked at my phone and saw it was a text from Niall

Niall: this sucks without you :(

This text made me happy knowing he missed me to. As I walked into my house and sat down on my couch. BOARD BOARD BOARD was all that ran through my head. I know this sounds mean but can't Niall just get rejected and come home early?? What am I saying? No I want Niall to make it....... God I'm thinking to much! What if...............

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