Better Than Words |Harry Styles Love Story; Not famous|

Melissa Drew Brinley 17 year old girl has a boyfriend, Chase Dillon, and has been with him for 2 months. not that long. Harry Styles Melissa's best friend since 5th grade doesnt trust this guy and Harry also has a Huge crush on Melissa ever since 7th Grade. Okay, Enough of that Melissa isnt that popular but she's dating the most popular guy in school and her best friend Harry styles is very well known in school also so lets just say Melissa is pretty popular. Well lets get to her Story...


1. Melissa Drew Brinley **

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Melissa's P.O.V 


*Beep Beep Beep *   " Ugh Alarm! " I said slamming the alarm 

" Melissa Honey wake Up! " My momma Screaming up the stairs. I slowly got out of bed, man i

felt like zombie mode. Well i basically brushed my teeth and all that jazz you do in the morning. i

Decided to keep my hair straight today. I love my hair its pretty long, but my favorite is the

Blondish ombre on the bottom. I was wearing a navy blue T- shirt and put over a gray Cardigan

And wore my shorts, Vans. Pretty simple for a friday day at school. 

" Melissa Harry is Here! " My mom said to me 

" All right mom i'll be right there " I yelled back while putting on my backpack. Just a plain old

jansport. Nothing too fancy. " Hey Harry " I said with a big smile while walking down the stairs. 

" Hey Melissa " Harry said with a smile. Harry is my one and only best friend, I love him as a

Friend. Harry was here because he always picks me up in the morning for school. 

" So? You ready ? " I said lifting my eyebrows   " Yea lets head out, Bye Mrs. Brinley talk to you

later. " Harry said " Bye Harry " My moma said  " Bye mom See you afterschool" I said while

Giving her a kiss on the cheek. 


Harry's P.O.V 


" So are you ready for finals today? " Melissa asked me. " No Not really I hate finals! " I said like literally screaming " Whoa chill Harry it's not the end of the world. " Melissa said giggling I love her laugh she's so beautiful. " Aha Sorry" I said laughing back. We're finally at school ugh i hate school its useless it's only cool for elementry. aha Me and Melissa walked with each other and then comes her Boyfriend Chris Dillon. I didnt really trust him because he's a jock and who knows most jocks likes to hook up with every other girl each friday night. I also had the feeling Chris doesn't like me because i hang out with Melissa like all the time, But i don't care he's ending up hurting her anyways so its pointless. " Umm see you at lunch Harry im a go with Chris and Hang out with him for a little bit " Melissa said " Sure thats fine " I said kind of frowning " Hey Dont get sad I'll hang out with you a lunch and don't forget Saturday! " She said trying to cheer me up and it worked because she reminded me of Saturday. " Yea Alright thanks Melissa Bye " I said Smiling and giving her a hug. " Bye Harry! " She said walking away and going towards Chris.  

---------------------------- Skip to Lunch---------------------------

Melissa's P.O.V

yay! Lunch. I love Lunch. I got my Tray and got a chicken salad, sliced oranges, Raspberries and a an orange juice. I went to go sit all by my self because i don't want to sit with chris and his Crew because their jerks especially the girls. They always try to hit on him and i tried eating lunch with them but he always ignores me when he's around his friends because he thinks he the best . Which is pretty annoying but i don't know why im still with him because he acts really sweet when he's alone with me then when he's with his friends he's like a whole different person. Then i smiled because i saw harry walk out the lunch area . " Harry over here!" I waved at him trying to get his attention. " Hey Melissa! " He said with a huge smile " See i told you that we'll hang out at lunch! " I said giggling " Yea Thats how much i love you! " He said pinching my cheeks. " Ouch! that Hurt Harry! " I said rubbing my cheeks making the pain go away " Sorry Didn't mean to hurt you " he said Laughing a little " So Saterday? " I said " Yea want me to pick you up?" He said " We dont even know where to go!" I said " We have to go somewhere we always go somewhere once a month! " Harry said lifting his eyebrows " Umm i dont know where to go Maybe we can go downtown and maybe walk and talk i guess " I said " Yea thats a good idea Its a deal! " Harry said * Ring Ring * It was my phone. It was a message from Chris 



Chris: Hey Babe wanna come over tomorrow and you know do it? ;) 

i looked at harry and texted CHris back 

Me: umm i cant babe im not ready 

Chris: Why not its been two months?

Me: Thats why too early and i know how you are 

Chris: What do you mean? Are you saying you cant trust me?

Me; No its not that im just not ready to loose my virginity yet okay not know im too young.

Chris: Wow i have protection...

Me: Its only works 95% of the time and if we do it next thing you know you're a dad.

(end of convo ) 

I waited for a minute and Chris Didnt respond back. I looked behind me at Chris's table and saw him looking kind of pissed. " Hey What happend?" Harry asked " Oh nothing" I said weirdly " Melissa i know something's wrong know spill" Harry said Desperately " Okay Okayy... Umm Chris wants to have Sex with me.." I said looking down Harrys mouth dropped " Wow Thats an asshole you know what he is going to do, Hes going to hook up with you then dip and break your heart" Harry said " I know thats  why i don't want to do it with him" I looked down then back up at harry " I think you should break up with him" Harry said. Should i? I didn't know what to do because he was So sweet and nice to me when were alone but he's a total different person around his friends. Was he acting different because he loved me or was he acting different just to use me?

Messages to Chris 

Me: Chris? 



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