There's a storm brewing in Elsmore and the casters are desperately trying to gather all they can, for the epic battle will soon begin....


6. chapter 6

I walked up to my room to find the mischievous twins playing around with the new levitating spell that they learnt in caster school. ‘Hey! Put my stuff down!’ I yelled as they slowly put everything down and ran out of the room. I was always envious of the bright red hair they had. I slammed the door shut and jumped onto my bed as I put the black box down. I could hear those twins down stairs messing around with the boss. He’s never really had a name; it’s always just been boss or leader. The twins’ names are Elsma and Elijah; they’re only eight but they cause more trouble than the Gobbles. Gobbles are ogre like creatures who hide in dark ally ways and feed on caster flesh.

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