Nerd kid.

The nerd kid? Oh yea. He is a nerd. Theres stuff not even his own mother knows about.
What else..?
Oh you have no idea .


1. New kid

Guise its been a while im so sorry. Like ive been going through alot its too much to explain.



oh he was a nerd alright. A big one. A  laughing stock. But i am to care. Because i have manners. Unlike others. So whats with the new kid why so nerd. He doesnt try to be. People see him as the nice weird nerd... But no one knows whats behind that. Oh you have no idea...


"who is that.?" My friend Tanya asked. "The new kid. Harry." Amy said . "What a nerd." Tanya said. I looked at him. Oh hes cute but just everything else. "Guys dont be mean you dont know anything about him." I said (oh yea my names Rose.) 

"Rose please you are such a nice person if so talk to him." tanya blurt. "No!" 

"GO." Amy pushed. I bumped into him. "So sorry!" I said. "Its fine." He said in such a down voice. "My names Rose. " i said quietly. "Harry." He smiled with a smirk. "Uhm what classes do you have?" I asked "These!" He said handing the paper. "Wow i have most of these with you! Like right now." I said . "Will you take me to it then?" He asked with a blush. "Sure ." I said. People stared , yes they did. People whispered . This school is full of preppys, nerds, drama, bullshits, sluts. No doubt about it. 

"Here." I said. "Thanks Rose you seem nice." He said. "anytime harry you too in fact." We entered class and he sat beside me. Him following me doesnt have to happen. As the day went by the day was typical. 

When the bell rang everyone ran out. I was outside until i decided to walk to the park. Noone was there. Good enough. I hid behind a tree and took out a small bag with the lovely weed in it. Ugh no one knows shit what i do. I rolled it up and lit it up. By no time i was high. Whenever i come home my parents think its an allergy or something with red eyes. Nope. I heard branches on the floor crunch. I quickly put it out and got up. I bumped right into someone. "Oh my god im so sorry! Oh.. Rose." I heard a voice . "What !?" As my vision focused  . Well shit if it isnt Harry.

"Oh harry uhm i was just.." "Smoking? I know im not dumb." He said in a husky voice i didnt

even remember from school. "Uhm." "Dont worry i have been around weed before. Trust me im not a nerd. People just dont know the real me." Oh uh. This is awkward. "Uhm okay." I said. "Rose what do you think of me? A nerd? Like a geek or something. What did you think when you first saw me?" He said kneeling down. "I- i thought you were just a kid new kid i guess cute. I dont know." I said awkwardly . "Oh you have no idea who i really am." He said wkth a smirk. It frighten me. The look in his eyes. "Uhm i got to go."  I said standing. "Walking? This dark?" He said . "Its not dark yet. " 

"im sure it will be on your way there." He said . "Im fine i can go alone." I said . I walked away with goosebumps. It got chilli quick. It did get dark fast. I wasnt even halfway there. As i crossed the street i noticed two shadows behind me. I walked faster but the fast i walked the fast they catched up. I quickly stopped and turn to hit the person behind. My arm quickly caught by a firm arm. "ugh! Who are you!!" I asked angirly .

"whats a pretty little girl doing here huh." He smiled. "GET OFF ME!" I squeled .  He covered my mouth instantly. He touched me. I try to move but i couldnt. I couldnt budge. I saw the man get loose and thrown down. Dragged into the alley and hear punching. I gasped . I quickly ran away. Without looking who saved me. I ran inside and ran upstairs to my room. Locking the door. I let my breathe go and my heart beating fast i sat down. I thinked of who could of saved me. I quickly changed and went downstairs. No one home as usual. 

I sat down to watch tv. Eventually  i slept. 

The next day i woke up and went early to school. I was with my friends until the be rang. I went toy first class i was silent. Then i saw him. Harry. Came with glasses on and hairl pulled backed. I rolled my eyes. He sat beside me. "You okay?" He whispered. "Fine." I said. "Look its OKAY about last night you got home safe right?" He asked. I turned. "Yea.." "Good im glad that guy-... I mean that you got home safe." He said. I quickly turned. "Harry.. That was you-" "QUIET ROSE AND HARRY I WILL NOT TOLERATE TALKING WHEN IM TALKING." Ms. Hemmings scolded. I quickly turned. What if it was harry? How could. What did he do to that man? Did he really saved me? "ROSE WHAT IS THE ANSWER." 

I quickly looked up. "Uhhh ." 



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