That night ago


1. market dance

"Are you sure you'll be ok?" My mother asked. I nodded and gave her her bag. "I'll be fine mom. It's only a year. I wanna see the world!" My mother grasped my hand and and smiled. "We'll. alright. I'll see you." I waved goodbye as they entered the taxi and left for home. "Welp. Looks like it's just you and me clippers." Clippers meowed and took off into the basement. "Ok. Looks like it's just me."

I took off up stairs with a rush of excitement inside me. I felt like screaming. I suddenly realized I needed a crapload of stuff for the house. I grabbed my car keys off the shelf in the living room and made my way to the car.

"Good day sir." I said greeting the man at the front desk. "Morning." I walked from aisle to aisle looking for home resources. I accidentally bumped into a man with blonde hair. "Ope! I'm sorry! I didn't see you there." I said backing up. The man was handsome. Tall. Skinny. Built.

I bit my lip. "Oh. Sorry again. Excuse me." I covered my face in shame. "Oh no need to cover your angelic beauty. You don't see me covering mine do you?" I snorted.

Oh my god! I can't believe I just snorted! How embarrassing!

"Haha well my names Niall." I smiled at his politeness. "Um. Uh. You're hot. I mean it's hot!" I said darasticly. "Wew!" I pretended to wipe sweat off myself. To be honest it's actually pretty fricken cold. "I'm grace." I stuck my hand out and shook his.

"Well. Uh. K. This may seem a little too forewarn for you but I was just wondering. Would like to go get some coffee for me?" He asked. "Excuse me?" I was about to punch this prick. "I'm so sorry! I mean with me!" He quickly blurted. He was super nervous.

"Oh! Right! Uh. Yeah. Just. Uh. Let me finish up and take my stuff home. Then. Yeah." "Great! See you then!"

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