"HELP!!!! ZAYN HARRY!!!!!!" Then I take a deep breath in. I feel myself flying up and I start bawling. 'Im going to die now.' I think. I have a horrible feeling of death and fear in the bottom of my stomach. I feel myself hit the water and go under. I thrash around wildly thrusting my head above for a split second trying to take a breath. Then I start to sink to the bottom. 'I'll run out of air soon.' I know this is the end. I open my eyes for a last look of the world and quickly shut them as the water stings my eyes. I release my breath and start to let go of everything.


12. Stay With Me

I wake to Harry leaning over me gently putting his lips on my forehead making my skin tingle. I open my eyes and sit up. "You're back to your hotel." Harry whispers and smiles. "Mhhfhm" I mumble I stumble out of the car and reach for my bag. My eyes are still adjusting to the dark so I miss the car and fall forward into Harry's arms. "Honestly love you make it so easy..." He trails off. I shoot him a look and take my bag from the van. He closes the door and we walk in with all the boys. We walk up to my floor and the other boys stay in the elevator for their floor. Harry walks my to my door. The do not disturb sign is on the handle. "Shhh, we have to be silent everyone is sleeping", I whisper. I look through my bag for my key. "Where is it?!?!" I scramble around in my bag. "Harry when you lacked my stuff did you pack a key?" I raise my eyebrow and look at him. "Ummmm... Oops?" He says. "Harry!!" I whisper louder then normal. "I'm locked out now!" I give him a mad look which lasts for about two seconds before it's melts off my face when he makes a puppy dog face at me. He holds his hand out to me. "One second." I whisper. I quickly scribble a note to my parents and push it under the door. I take his hand and we walk back to the elevator. We get in and he pushes the top floor. "We got five adjoining rooms that are separated with doors." he says. We walk down a long hallway and he points "That's Nialls room. That's Liam's, that's Louis's, that's Zayn's, and this is mine. We stop at the end of a hallway. Harry pulls a key card out of his pocket and slides it through his door. It opens to reveal a spacious living room with 3 mini couches a huge flat screen tv and a kitchen with a bar and talk chairs attached. A hall goes back into what should be a bedroom and bathroom. "Wow" I breath out deeply. "Except with this much space you'd think I'd have a whole couch or a pullout bed." I shift my weight unsure what to do next. He looks at me and smiles. I smile back. "Oh! You don't have pjs! You can steal some of mine hold on" he smiles and disappears down the hall. I go over to the kitchen and grab a glass. I fill it with water and take a big sip. The cool water runs down my throat refreshing me more then I expected it to. I think about where I am and what's happened to me and I can't stop myself from grinning from ear to ear. Suddenly arms slide around my waist and Harry's head and curls lay on my shoulders. "Hi" He whispers. I turn my head and lean into him pressing my lips into his. We stay for a moment with rushes of energy radiating from my lips. Then we break apart. He hands me the pjs and says "The bathroom is right down the hall". I smile and say "Thanks". I walk to the bathroom and shut the door. I throw off my old clothes and pull on a pair of fuzzy pj bottoms and a big t-shirt. I open the door and stuff my clothes into my bag. I walk across the hall into the bedroom. Harry is moving things around on the floor. "I gotta clean the floor up so I can sleep" he explains. "You shouldn't sleep on the floor!" I protest. "Well I don't want to sleep next to you and make you uncomfortable". "It's ok", I say, "As long as you don't try anything" I warn. "I wouldn't dare" he smirks and then gives me a smile of sincerity. I sit on the edge of the bed and lay down. Harry crawls in next to me but not close to me. I pull the covers over both of us and we lay face to face and just smile. I lay my hand out between us and he puts his hand over mine and wraps his fingers around my hand.

"Hannah?" He barley speaks.

"Yes?" I answer.

"I love you." He smiles.

"I love you too." I answer.

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