"HELP!!!! ZAYN HARRY!!!!!!" Then I take a deep breath in. I feel myself flying up and I start bawling. 'Im going to die now.' I think. I have a horrible feeling of death and fear in the bottom of my stomach. I feel myself hit the water and go under. I thrash around wildly thrusting my head above for a split second trying to take a breath. Then I start to sink to the bottom. 'I'll run out of air soon.' I know this is the end. I open my eyes for a last look of the world and quickly shut them as the water stings my eyes. I release my breath and start to let go of everything.


14. Mine

Harry turns around from the door and looks at me and smiles. "What?" I smile and ask. "I'm the luckiest man alive." He says and walks towards me. He wraps his arms around me and presses his lips on mine. I put my arms around his neck and run my hands through the curls on the back of his head. He inches his hands down my back until they are pressed against the small of my back. We hold each other close and walk backwards and fall onto the bed. We lay across from each other looking into each other's eyes breathing heavily. He leans closer and starts to kiss my neck. I take in his scent, his touch, everything about him. He smells like magazine clonge and every touch sends warmth down my spine. I think to myself if I'm really ready to go all the way. I look into his eyes so full of passion and sincerity and decide to go for it. 'Yolo' I think to myself. I pull into him and kiss his jawline. He traces his fingers through my hair and continues down. Waves of sparks follow his fingers. They gently trace down my sides and stop at the bottom of his pj shirt I'm still wearing. He looks up at me as to ask permission and I kiss him sending him a green light. He gently pulls of the oversized shirt and throws it to the floor. I trace my fingers to his shirt and pull it over his head. I run my hand over his bare chest. Something I've done millions of times on all my posters and binders at home. Harry kisses my stomach and works his way up as I trace his muscles in his arms and chest. When he gets to my hair we move into each other only inches from each other's faces. I can feel his hot breath on mine. I take in his air and relish it. His hands slowly move down to the pair of pj bottoms he gave to me. He again looks up at me with his perfect green eyes sparkling and curls hanging everywhere. I pull back slightly so he can reach and smile approvingly. He slowly pulls them down and onto the floor. I tug at the bottom of his bottoms and throw them to the floor. We come back together and roll to the right ending with me on top of him. I start to kiss his neck and run my hands through his brown locks. I put my face in his hair in take a big breath in. His hair smells like shampoo, axe shampoo. Not a lot or an overkill just enough to drive girls crazy. He traces my mouth and down and wraps around my back. He plays with the clasp of my bra and after I kiss him a few more times he unhooks it and it falls in the pile. I gently poke his extra two nipples and whisper "three four" and laugh kissing him. He laughs and runs his hand through my hair. "I like you hair curly too. But it's pretty like this too. It doesn't matter every part of you is perfect." He says "This is perfect." He kisses my hair and mouth and face. "And this" he kisses my stomach. "And everything else." I kiss him passionately and he pulls me closer. I lift the covers and we crawl under them. I reach down to his boxers and touch the bottoms looking up at him as he did to me. He moves his hand down to my underwear and looks at me. "One." I say and smile. "Two" he says and smiles back. "Three" we say together. We both pull down quickly and laugh adding to the pile. "One second love" he whispers and turns around. 'Eh better to be saferish' I think to myself. My heart is racing and pounding. He turns back a round and faces me again. We move closer together again. "I love you." He whispers. "I love you too. I whisper back. We come closer until he slides into me. I let out a small moan and let the covers fall onto us covering both together. Tonight he his mine and only mine. And I am his.

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