"HELP!!!! ZAYN HARRY!!!!!!" Then I take a deep breath in. I feel myself flying up and I start bawling. 'Im going to die now.' I think. I have a horrible feeling of death and fear in the bottom of my stomach. I feel myself hit the water and go under. I thrash around wildly thrusting my head above for a split second trying to take a breath. Then I start to sink to the bottom. 'I'll run out of air soon.' I know this is the end. I open my eyes for a last look of the world and quickly shut them as the water stings my eyes. I release my breath and start to let go of everything.


9. Choices

A little while later Harry whispers in my ear "The boys are gonna get some wood for a fire do you wanna stay here and ill stay with you?" I was calm by then so I said "I can help", took his hand and stood up. We walked to the trunk with sticks and set up a fire. "There's food and stuff to roast right?" Niall asks. We all laugh "No we're skipping dinner tonight" I look at him with a very serious look. "Wait... Is she... Are you... Kidding... Food...?" His stomach rumbles. We crack up "Yes there's food!" Zayn says and playfully punches him in the arm. "OWWWWW IM GONNA DIE" Niall yelps. We all laugh and start to unpack food. I see Harry leaning against the truck writing in his journal. I've always wondered what he writes in there. I walk to the campfire and sit down next to Zayn. He's staring off into the distance and doesn't even notice I sat down. "Hey" I say gently and look at him. He doesn't move, apparently deep in thought. "Zayn" I whisper. He snaps out of it and looks at me. "Yea?" He asks. I furrow my eyebrows and ask "Are you ok? Like really?" He stands up and holds his hand out. "Here. Ill tell you." I take his hand and stand up. He leads me over to the shore where a tree comes out if the ground sideways. He walks right onto it and sits with his feet dangling over water. The sun is setting in the background. "Look off in the the distance that way" I say. He looks off and I pull out my phone and take a focused picture. All you see is the black outline of him sitting in the tree on a sunset. I show him and he smiled at me. I walk over and sit down letting my legs dangle. I grip the tree so hard my fingers start to turn white. He reaches over and hold my hand. "I won't let you fall. " He whispers. "So what's really going on?" I ask curiously. He takes a deep breath and starts "When Louis threw you under, I held my breath for a second and then you didn't come right back up. I knew you couldn't swim so I did. I was farther away and I was so afraid I was going to be to late. When I reached down for you, you were limp and it scared me to death. Harry too. I carried you back to shore and laid you down and all I could think was that you had to be ok you just had to. When you started to breath again, it was one of the best feelings ever. We were all completely rattled. Harry sat next to you the whole time almost crying his eyes out and I had to walk away. It was to much fear and wondering if you were ok. And I don't know where I stand with you because you have Harry but, he isn't the only one who feels a spark when he looks at you." I could barely speak but I managed "I do too." I cleared my throat. "But I also feel a connection with Harry and I'm torn. I don't know what to do about this or how to make things right or what I'll do with-" He cuts me off and kisses me. He pushes a piece of my hair behind my ear and I run my hand along his jawline. I move my hands down his neck to his arms. This whole time I'm exploding inside. My mouth and hands tingle. Butterflies erupt from everywhere. I trace my hands over his muscles and around his back. He softly moves his hands around my waist and pulls me in closer. We stop kissing and catch our breaths. I lean my head on his strong shoulders. He leans by my ear and whispers "I know you want to be with Harry now. Go." He whispers. I just had to do that once. I've been wanting to do that for so long and you're Harry's so I probably won't do it ever again. I start to say something but I see Harry walking over. We pull away and I walk towards Harry. Zayn jogs back to the boys leaving us alone. Harry slides his arm around my waist and even more sparks fly. Again this sounds stereotypical but we walk into the sunset back to the bonfire hand in hand, his arms around me to protect me, but I know deep down that he can't protect me from all the pain my heart is about to cause.

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