Becoming Me

He was the only one who let me be myself.


3. The Party Prep



I just wanted to get prepared for the party, I didn't want to share about what happened. Sure, I like Kate, but I just don't want to tell her, or anyone, about what happened. No one would understand. I don't know how to trust anyone, 'cause everyone who I have trusted, has let me down. And I mean everyone.

"So when does the party start?" Kate asked, her sparkling blue eyes looking up at me.

"Whenever people start to show up," Then I heard the doorbell ring, so I went to answer it. Of course, it was Niall, he is always early. "What's up Niall?"




"Hey what's up Niall?" Ugh, I hated this kid. He was so annoying. I decided to finish taking out all the supplies needed for the party, when Harry came back to the kitchen with Niall, and decided to introduce him to me. "Niall this is Kate, Kate this is Niall."

"'Ello, nice to see ya again," he said in that Irish accent of his. He had that smile on his face that he always had on his face.

"You too," I said, slightly annoyed, and somehow slightly comforted to see him again. More annoyed than comforted, though.

"You two know each other?" Harry asked, a confused and sexy look on his face. 

"Oh yeah mate, we used to date," and there is the awkward part. My ex is Harry's friend. This is awkward.



Do I still like Kate? She's still as gorgeous as she was last year. She's probably dating Harry now. There was another knock on the door, "I'LL GET IT," I yelled, I really wanted to escape the awkwardness. Just as I opened the door Louis, Zayn, and Liam came in followed by a mob of people who were ready to party.


"LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED," Louis exclaimed. This was going to be interesting. 


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