Becoming Me

He was the only one who let me be myself.


19. More Truth

"Why was Louis in the same bed as me?"


"Oh thats because... well. You really don't remember?" Liam asked.

How was I supposed to remember...I partied 'The Tommo Way' no way can you remember anything when you do that! 

"No, how the hell am I supposed to remember what happened, if I don't even remember how much I had to drink?" I said, more angry than I wanted to sound because the Advil hadn't kicked in yet.


"Oh. WELL. Um. You guys were kinda sorta making out, but then I left you guys alone, so thats more of a question for Louis to answer. But don't expect the truth from him. He's not exactly what Divergent fans would call 'Candor'" Liam just referred to the 'Divergent' series!!!!! That's like my favorite series. also love 'The Fault In Our Stars' by John Green.


"Okay, so I am never gonna be solid on the truth. How is Louis supposed to even remember anyways? He was drinking just as much as I was." I replied.

Then Louis walked in "Hey Liam, Hey Kate." 

"Hey! The party was fun!" Liam said.

"Harry got disappointed because he saw Kate and I making out. Hopefully he won't remember though because he got so wasted after that that I don't think he will remember his own mother's face." Louis said cheerfully like he somehow defeated Harry Styles and he's been trying so hard. Aren't they supposed to be like best friends? Also how does Louis even remember making out. As far as I know, he was drinking as much as me. Actually, he was demonstrating how to 'Party the Tommo Way'.

"Here have an Advil" Liam offered.

"Nah I'm good." Louis declined Advil? HE must have been drinking water instead or something else. Or he has a hell of a stomach and he can take like a million 6 packs of beers and still be able to drive normally and walk in a straight line.


"What else happened?" I gave Liam a thankful look, he was gonna get the information for me. 

"Dude, let's talk about it somewhere else." Louis replied.


"I'm gonna go get in the shower guys. BYEEEE!" just one of my acts of randomness. 


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