Becoming Me

He was the only one who let me be myself.


16. Louis, the Lady's Man



Kate is so beautiful, and I don't think she is with Harry. But I don't know, they totally like made out at Harry's party. 

At least he might be distracted by the amazing awesome party thrown by his Boobear!!! I could at least get to know her a bit.

Not to mention, the cake is to die for. My dad is a famous actor (not really, its fan fic) so I went to go taste the flavors at a wedding cake shop. And it has like every single flavor. 

One tier is lemon cake. Another is Red Velvet. Another is carrot cake (my favorite). And the other one is half chocolate and half vanilla. Oh yeah, and there is a rainbow cake tier. 

And it is all surrounded by tipsy pineapple cupcakes.

I AM THE BEST BOOBEAR ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not to mention, I invited all of Harry's really good friends. 

But, I think he loves her. I couldn't do that to him, well not on his birthday at least. Maybe I'll just get to know her. In case I can get her eventually.

"So..... You go to university with Harry?" I questioned. Hoping she did because I am trying to become a drama teacher at the same university.

"Uh, yah. I am trying to get a dorm there, away from my parents." she seemed to tense up when she mentioned her parents. Maybe something happened.

I left my parents and got my own house with my dad's millions of dollars because they were just way too controlling, and they just hated me. My own mum and dad. But people have it worse. Like Harry. He shared the only secret with me that he has swore to never tell anyone. I don't know how he can keep a secret like that in.

"Cool, I could help you if you like." I replied, hoping she said yes.

"Um, okay, I guess we could work that out. You wanna go join the party?" I felt defeated. I don't know why. Maybe she just wants to party. Yah.

"Yeah. CHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled as we ran into the crowd of people. This party is gonna be great.



OK, I am sorry that it's late, but I have been busy and my parents are always watching me now, but they are gone on Thursdays. BYE MY CARROTS

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