Becoming Me

He was the only one who let me be myself.


20. Finding Out




Instead of getting in the shower, I just stood outside the door to hear Louis speak to Liam. I just wanna make sure nothing happened...

"Dude you saw what happened. Why are you asking?" Louis harshly whispered to Liam.

"Well, I only saw you two kissing then I walked away. What else happened?"Liam asked in a concerned tone, I need to remember to get to know him more because he seems like a great friend already.

"Of course nothing happened! I felt kinda sorta bad about making out with Kate and I was worried that Harry was going to beat the shit out of me today so I stopped!" Louis sounded awfully defensive...

"Oh, okay. No need to be angry." and intimidated Liam said. I didn't hear the rest of the conversation because I left to go get in the shower.

While I was walking through the house stepping over the occasional sleeping bodies, I ran in to Harry and he looked infuriated. He walked straight past me without a glance. I kept walking and then heard skin against skin. Like someone punching someone else.

I followed the noises and they lead me back to the kitchen and I saw Harry beating up Louis. 


"Harry, what are you doing?" I exclaimed.

He just continued punching Louis and Louis continued punching back. I am not strong enough to split them up, but I know someone who is. 

I left and frantically looked around for Zayn or Niall. I found Zayn first and I explained to him as fast as I could, therefore barely audible. As soon as he understood what I was trying to say he rushed towards the kitchen and I trailed behind.

When we got there Louis was bleeding worse than Harry was so I shouted "Harry your going to kill him!" and then Zayn jumped in and split them up, and then Harry was held back by Liam, but he was unsuccessful at holding the 5' 11" curly haired lad down, fortunately enough, Zayn took Louis to safety.

"Harry! Why did you do that!?" I questioned. 

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