Becoming Me

He was the only one who let me be myself.


5. A Mattress

I woke up on the air mattress that Kaya had lent me at her house. I heard someone in the kitchen. I knew it was Kaya because she had moved away from her parents a year ago. I wish that I could move away from my parents. They pretty much are the evilest things I know. Everyone thinks that I am crazy for wearing long sleeves and jeans in the middle of summer, but it is only because I need to cover my hideous scratches, and bruises. In middle school, I was always questioned when they saw what my parents did to me. Kaya was the only one who knew what my parents do to me. I decided to get up (which was agonisingly painful) and went into the kitchen and mumbled "What happened?"

"I took you home after you partied too hard at Harry's place. Why were you even at his house in the first place?" she questioned in an overprotective tone, that sounded somewhat like I imagined a concerned parent would sound like. But how would I know what that sounds like? 

"He invited me over to his house, trying to hit on me, and then he told me that he actually was throwing a party. And now I may or may not kinda like him," I didn't want to tell her because I knew she wouldn't approve, and she is like a mom to me! I just sometimes feel that she doesn't let me be who I am, and I let her.

"That guy is a piece of dog shit. You have to be joking. He is such a man-slut! Were you drunk at the party?" she scolded. Kaya almost never swears, and she has shared her hate for Harry before. I don't know what to expect when I tell her that he seems different to me.

"I was not drunk! I just think that he could change," I shrugged. I was suprised at how weak I sounded. I am always the strong one. I just thought about how I got here. I truly can't remember. I couldn't have been drunk. I will have to ask Kaya later because of the angry, agitated, and confused look on her face.

"Maybe you were drunk but just didn't notice! You did pass out," she calmed down a bit, but I could still see the anger in her eyes.

"Ahhh...," I felt like an elephant was stomping on my brain.




Thank you so much for reading. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE IDEAS, OR JUST LET ME KNOW HOW THE STORY IS! I will try and update more often. I just had surgery so I have a lot of time now!



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