Never Knew

Cassidy's Pov
I never knew i could love someone so much or that anyone could cause me so much pain when i'm not with them.Or that my heart could ache so much when he talks to another person.I always thought love was only a myth that was passed down from generation to generation.But now i know love is waiting for everyone.
Justin's pov
I thought everyone would use me.My money.My fame.Cassidy's different.She doesnt want anything from me.Only my love.I can't lose her.I can't stand to think that someone else will call her their's.Everytime she talks to someone else i want to punch them in the face.Seeing her smile to another guy's joke or blush makes my heart ache and my head hurt.I want her to be mine forever.


9. Kidnapped

                                            Cassidy's pov

I woke up in a small room which I thought was a basement.All of the lights were out and I couldn't see a thing.My mouth was covered with a moist cloth.I tried to take it off but my hands were tied together.I was sitting in a chair in a corner surrounded by lots of other women.They weren't bloody are cut or anything they just looked as scared as I was.''Mppphhff!''I tried to scream but I just came out as jumbled up sounds and sqweaks.One of the women in front of me raised a small,wrinkled finger to her mouth.''Shhh..''She was able to say even though her mouth was covered.I nodded.What was I supposed to do?I hope Justin will come soon.''LADIES!"A man yelled,walking toward me.I pretended to still be sleeping but,it was hard to because I was trembling.''You awake?"He asked placing my hand in his.''Hurry up!"I heard in the background.Wait,I know that voice..The girl with the voice stepped into the small light that was in the corner.SELENA!''JUST WAKE HER UP!"She yelled,hitting him on the back.''I can't..''The barbaric man said looking back at her.''FINE!Then I will.''She slapped me across the face about 10 times.''GET UPPP!"She yelled at me.I lifted my red face off of my shoulder and stared at her,teary eyed.''Oh don't give me that crap!"She screamed slapping me again.''Justin's mine..''

''No i'm not..''All eyes turned to Justin who was standing in the back of the room.''Oh um hi jus-''

''Don't start!"He said walking closer.''Let her go.''Selena got up and walked over to him.Before she could say anything he slapped her face and pushed her on the ground.GO JUSTIN!The big man came after him but Justin duck and it was like matrix.Or mabye that was just me helosinating.Anyway,I was just so happy to see him.He untied me and placed me on his back.



YAY FOR JUSTIN!SORRY FOR THE SMALL CRAPPY CHAPTER BUT ATLEAST I UP DATED!I just got on spring break yesterday so I just got around to this story so yea hope you liked it.

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