Never Knew

Cassidy's Pov
I never knew i could love someone so much or that anyone could cause me so much pain when i'm not with them.Or that my heart could ache so much when he talks to another person.I always thought love was only a myth that was passed down from generation to generation.But now i know love is waiting for everyone.
Justin's pov
I thought everyone would use me.My money.My fame.Cassidy's different.She doesnt want anything from me.Only my love.I can't lose her.I can't stand to think that someone else will call her their's.Everytime she talks to someone else i want to punch them in the face.Seeing her smile to another guy's joke or blush makes my heart ache and my head hurt.I want her to be mine forever.


10. Having fun

                                        Cassidy's pov

I woke up in Justin's arms.After a few hard tugs,I finally got up.I walked out to the balcony and let down my hair which was currently in pigtails.''Come cuddle with me.''I heard Justin say in a groagy voice behind me.''Whyyyy?"I whined,letting the soft wind run through my hair.''Because I cant go to sleep without you in my arms.''He said wrapping me in his arms and holding me close to him.''Neverrr.''I teased.''Oh yeah?"He smirked and picked me up bridal style.He walked me over to the bed and threw me on it.Before I could run,he wrapped his arms around me.''Please,let me go.''I said to him whispering in his ear.''No.You don't even know where we are and i'm not letting you get lost.''He was right,I didn't know where we were and probably would get lost.''Pleaseee.''I said kissing his neck.''Fine.But only if I can get a big kiss.''I kissed his cheek.''I said a big kiss.''He frowned at me.''You never said where.''I giggled.He grabbed my neck and pressed his lips to mine.I smiled.''There.''He said,satisfied.I got up and got some clothes out of my drawer.It looked like this -------->

(She is as skinny as the girl in the picture)

''Woah.''Justin said as I walked out of the bathroom,dusting off the dress.''Do you like it?"I asked smiling.''I love it.''He wrapped his arms around my waist and spun me around.''I'm leaving.''I said,grabbing my purse.''I'm coming with you.''He said quickly.''Why?"

''I don't want any other guy checking you out but me.''I smiled and kissed him.''Your such a creep.But,I don't want that either.''I said laughing.He picked me up bridal style,making sure not to raise me too high so that it didn't show my panties.


While walking down the hotel hall,which Justin later explained to me,a couple guys whistled at me.Justin was still holding me and I was looking at his eyes which were burning with rage.I kissed his nose to calm him down.''Just ignore them Justy.''I said in his ear.''Looking good gurl.''A guy said looking at my butt.I think that was Justin's last straw because he set me down and pushed the guy into an hotel room which door was open.The man yelped as he fell on a suit case.Justin picked me back up and walked me to the pool.I just laughed at him.''Well that wasn't very nice.''I said kissing him on his nose again.''Well he checked you out and I  told you that was not going to happen while i'm here.''He put me back down and set me on a beach chair.I took off my dress,revealing a pretty bikini as shown below----->

''You can't wear that in public.''Justin said,checking out my sides.''Oh can't I?"I said modeling the bikini.As Justin tried to cover me with a towel,I backflipped into the pool,splashing him.''I didn't know you could do that.''He said in amazement.''There's alot of things you don't know about me Justin.''

''I bet there is..''He said sexily,jumping in after me.






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