Never Knew

Cassidy's Pov
I never knew i could love someone so much or that anyone could cause me so much pain when i'm not with them.Or that my heart could ache so much when he talks to another person.I always thought love was only a myth that was passed down from generation to generation.But now i know love is waiting for everyone.
Justin's pov
I thought everyone would use me.My money.My fame.Cassidy's different.She doesnt want anything from me.Only my love.I can't lose her.I can't stand to think that someone else will call her their's.Everytime she talks to someone else i want to punch them in the face.Seeing her smile to another guy's joke or blush makes my heart ache and my head hurt.I want her to be mine forever.


2. Falling hard

                                                                Cassidy's Pov

         After we hung up a few hours later,I pictured him,his hypnotizing eyes.Perfect hair.But I wonder what'd he look like in the light?Probably beautiful.Probably perfect.

                                                                        Justins's Pov

       Her voice.Her face.Her eyes.All perfect.I pictured her gleaming eyes in the moonlight as Chaz and Ryan(My Bffs)screamed at the tv."Aww!You cheated,MORON!''Yelled Ryan."Shut up ,ding dong!Don't be jelly!''Idiots.Total idiots.''Come play,Justin!And lose like Ryan!''Chaz said backing up his last comment.I grabbed a PS3 controler and started to play.

                                                                 Cassidy's Pov

               "Cassy!Hurry up!''My sister yelled from the car."I'm coming,hold on!"I grabbed my bag and headed to the car.

  So do you think you'll see him at the mall?''Madison asked me after i put on my seat belt.''Nah.Night's his hour.''She laughed.''Ok.So is he cute?''I've talked about him to her before.She's a great sis and i can trust her."He's gor- cute.''She looked at me then back on the road."Right.Like i'm just supposed to believe that crap!''I rolled my eyes.''Fine.He was handsome,gorgeous.When we looked in each others eyes,it was magical even though we just met,I felt like I knew him forever.''She smiled her award winning smile.She'd been brushing twice a day for two years.After all,she is a model.Teen Vogue is begging to meet her for their winter line.She kindly declines ALL the time!The model they had for the winter line wasn't doing what they asked and was going COO-COO over their boy model,the one and only Justin Bieber.He doesn't compare to the boy I saw a few nights ago.We pulled up to the south side of the mall.The part with the concert stage where they have live performers.As we walked inside I saw him.Bieber.


Hey it's me Cutey1616 and this is my new story,enjoy!I'm trying to get at least 10 favs at the moment since i just started.But thanks for all the support and my fans I LOVE YOU!

I started a new saying for my books,try and figure this out..

       <3 =Chapters

       No <3=No Chapters


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