The Daughter of Niall Horan

How the life of being the daughter of Niall Horan's life turns out.... Poor Frankie is always shit on if she does supposedly wrong. because of her father massive popularity of fans if she tweets a tweet and a fan thinks it's wrong, there's a big war.


4. X

I walk on the main roads. My eyes blurry with tears, I stumble on the cobble stone side walk. I need some beer...actually I'm feeling harder then that. I need to get fucked, have to find a desperate man who's willing to be me a liter of Vodka to wash away everything. I walk to the local liquor store where a man sits outside the store chugging a bottle away probably for all the same reasons why I want to.


"Hey," I say trying to talk to him with a softer approach. I lean against the wall next to him. The bottle is still at his lips, he finishes taking his sip and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.


"What brings you here?" The man asks looking up at me. I take a spliff out of my pocket and light it and inhale the smoke into my lungs and let it out.


"I was going to ask if you could please buy me a bottle...I need one." I say trying to sound more desperate than I really am. If I really wanted to I could waste ten minuets trying to get a bottle of Vodka myself but I really needed one now and didn't feel like seducing the man behind the counter or promising his wife an autograph from my dad.


"You're Niall Hoooran's daughter aren't you?" He asks slurring his words. I smile and blow smoke from my lips. I nod my head slowly feeling the rain drip down my face.


"Are you going to buy me my bottle or not?" I ask him getting frustrated. The man stumbles to his feet and he holds his hand out in front of me waiting for my money. I fish into my pocket but when I put my hands to my sides I remember that these aren't my jeans. "Fuck!" I say out loud even though it was meant to stay inside my head.


"No money huuh?" The man says. His stupid remarks are really starting to irritate me. He's lucky I don't ring him up by his neck, push him against the wall and beat the shit out of him. I take a deep breath and try to regain my composure.


"Look I'll pay you back okay? Please just go get me my bottle," I plead. He stands up and staggers back into the store. I wait impatiently for the man to walk back out with my bottle. When he finally does I try to snatch it out of his hand but he holds it firmly in his.


"What's a pretty little girl like you drinking stuff like this?" The man asks.


"Just screw off and give me my damn bottle," I say trying to pull it out of his hands.


"I don't think so," He says. I clench my hand in a fist and punch him square in the face. The man throws the bottle across the street and pins me down to the floor. He's much stronger then me and I struggle underneath his musty body.


"Get off me!" I scream. The man brings his lips to mine and kisses me hard on my mouth. "Stop!" I yell. The man covers my mouth and mutes my screams as I try to kick him off of me. Just as I hear  him unzip his pants someone pulls him off of me. I sit there amazed as my dad beats the crap out of this guy. He punches his so hard the man falls to the ground. He then walks back towards me and pulls me by my arm and shoves me into his Mercadees.


"Your grounded." He says. I almost laugh but I figure why not just take it right?

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