The Daughter of Niall Horan

How the life of being the daughter of Niall Horan's life turns out.... Poor Frankie is always shit on if she does supposedly wrong. because of her father massive popularity of fans if she tweets a tweet and a fan thinks it's wrong, there's a big war.


3. No Feelings Attached

  I awake in my bed, not remembering what had happened the night before not even when I got here and how.Jordan must've brought me home I think to myself.  I stand up and look out my window.  The rain pours from the heavy dark sky.  I slide on my sweatpants and walk out into the hallway.  It's quiet.  I peek into my mum's room and of course shes not there.  I walk into the den and see a guy with blonde hair and bright blue eyes on the couch.  My dad.  We make eye contact.  I roll my eyes and turn to walk away.


"Frankie.  Come'er."  I turn around and walk over to him.  He stands up and hugs me tight.  "I'm sorry." I roll my eyes behind his back and ignore his apology.


"Yea.  Where's your lovely girlfriend?" I say nonchalantly. He raises an eye brow, yeah probably didn't think of that before he came inside.


"Not here." He says shoving his hands into his front pockets sighing.


"She's probably partying."


"Oh stop.  It's been a while I want things to be good.  You agree Franks?" He says seriously.


"Sure daddy." I say sarcastically.  He looks me in the eye and furrows his eye brows.


"Frankie stop. I'm serious.  Stop acting like such a smart ass!" He says raising his voice.


"Oh I thought you wanted things to go right?  Guess what,  you're not at the greatest start.  I'm leaving." I say starting towards the door.

"No your not." He says trying to grab me by my arm but he looses his grip.


"Watch me."  I say grabbing my coat and walking out the door. I start walking down the sidewalk. Is my dad like stupid or something? I mean what does he really expect, nothing is the same, nothing will ever get better why doesn't he just get that. I pull a spliff out of my pocket and light it. It almost made no sense to do that being that it was raining cats and dogs outside. I take my phone out of my pocket and phone Jordan.  "Hey Jordan." I say trying to listen for a reply as the rain smacks against the pavement hard.


"Hey love whats up?" He says.


"How about's me and you today?" I ask hoping he says yes because I need something or someone...Anything to get my mind off of what just happened. Especially a hot someone for that matter. My heart beats fast I can almost hear it above the rain as I wait for an answer.


"Sounds great.'' He says. My heart slows down. Thank God.

"Alright I'm on my way."  I hang up my phone and continue to walk down the sidewalk as the rain pours.  I stand at Jordan's door waiting for an answer.  My hair and clothes soaked making my body tremble. I waited impatiently for what seemed like hours when it was really only a couple of minuets.  He invites me in.


"Everything alright?" He asks walking towards me his arms open.  I hug him.  "Lets get you some warm clothes" he says kissing my forehead.  I follow him up to his room and he gives me track pants and a t-shirt.


"Thanks." I lightly smile. I pull the wet heavy clothes off over my head and throw them down on the floor with a heavy flop as I pull the clean dry ones over my cold shivering body.


"You never asnwered my question," Jordan says as he tries not to watch me undress.


"What question?" I ask trying to rack my brain of the last five minuets of a question that he asked."Oh!" I say when I remember. "Everythings alright I guess, my dad and I got into a fight." I say nonchalantly.


"Did he hurt you?" Jordan asks his stare softening as I'm fully clothed. He walks over to me and holds my face in his hands and looks deeply into my eyes. I gently work my face out of his hands and sit down on his bed.


"No he didn't hurt me...I just can't be there right now." I say with a yawn trying to stifle my annoyance with him and his obsession that something is always wrong. I wanted to just go to sleep and forget everything that's happened. I know Jordan wasn't going to let me. Everything always has to be so complicated with Jordan and I. He can never just ask one question and be satisfied he has to always ask follow up questions.


"Am I annoying you or something?" Jordan says pointedly. "You can't realy blame me Frankie the last place I found you was on the side of the highway with a liter of Vodka smashed onto your face and then you get mad at me." Jordan yells. I hate when he yells he reminds me of my father so much I wish he'd just shut the fuck up, crawl on to his bed, undress me and just have sex like any other time. I don't understand why he cares so much, when we first decided to get involved with this...whatever you'd want to call it we both vowed on no feeling attached.


"Why do you even care what happened before Jordan? We're not in a relationship, so I don't why you give two fucks." I say angrily as I cross my hands over my chest.


"Is that what you want me to be Frankie? Just a hit and run? You could have any boy at the school if you wanted but you decided that you want to be fucking me so what is it? I like you Frankie...I'm starting to have feelings for you and I can't controll the way I feel. When we go back to school go run to someone else then. But there's a reason why you're always relying on me." Jordan says. I practically spring from his bed and rush out of his room. I storm out of his house ignoring his pleas from behind me and leave this place. I need to get the fuck away. Away from Jordan, my father, my bitchy mother...everyone.

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