The Daughter of Niall Horan

How the life of being the daughter of Niall Horan's life turns out.... Poor Frankie is always shit on if she does supposedly wrong. because of her father massive popularity of fans if she tweets a tweet and a fan thinks it's wrong, there's a big war.


2. Fuck Off


  I sit outside of the ice cream shop with Jordan, Jojo, Kacey, and William.  The pap. try and take secret pictures but that makes it a lot more obvious.  "Billy do you have spliff?"  I ask.


"Yea here." He hands me a spliff.  I put it in between my lips and he lights it for me.  We all get up and start walking.  All of the flashes are causing a massive headache.  


"Excuse me can you piss off please! I'm a young girl and you should really stop wasting your fucking time taking pictures! And I hope you got that on video, now fuck off."  I shout.  Some leave.  And some stay.  I just try to again ignore it.  We each pass one spliff back and fourth.   When we get to Bill's flat we pull out the drinks.  Bill's 19 and older friend each of us made last year before he graduated.  Jordan's 16 like me along with Kasey and Jolene.  We all of course go to college together.  And that's part of my group.  If that's what you want to call it.  We tear shit up.  At college no one likes us.  Now we don't own the people at college and we sure as hell don't try to.  We're just the rebels and people don't accept that.  My phone rings and I excuse myself.  I look at the screen and it's my dad.... "Hello?"  


"Hey love.  How are you?" My dad says sounding tired.


"Couldn't be better." I say sarcastically.


"Why'd you do it?"


"Do what dad? What?"


"The pictures online of you last night.  I mean come on I raised you better then that! Spliff?  Come on lovey.  Drinking is one thing, I cant be a hypocrite but smoking.  I'm disappointed Frankie."


"Wait hold on stop.  Raise me?  You didn't raise me! I practically fucking raised myself.  Mum was always out partying and being a druggie.  You were gone.. Always fucking gone dad.  You left me.  And you can't stop me from smoking as a matter of fact i'm smoking as we speak.  You're not here.  There's nothing you can do."


"Frankie! You know that if I could have I would've and still would be there for every second.  And me and your mother love you so much and I know we both weren't the best but babe, were your parents and that's not gonna change!  And watch your mouth towards me.  I'm your father."  He yells.


"Dad, don't try and stick up for that bitch.  I actually thought you were on my side.  I don't have time for this.  Sorry dad gotta go,  time to get fucked up."  I smile and hang up the phone.  He consistently calls me over and over and I ignore it.  I at one point answer the phone. "Fuck off dad! Leave me alone."  I hang up.  I stand there without a care in the world and take more sips from the quarter empty bottle of liquor.  I see Jordan walk into the bedroom I sit in.  


"Are you okay Frank?"  He sits next to me and the bed sinks.  I stare into his beautiful dark green eyes.  I do what I feel is right to do.  What my body is itching at me to do.  I slam my lips into his and he doesn't hesitate to kiss me back.  We pull each others clothes off and I feel the room heating.  I lay flat on the bed and he hangs over me.  And without warning he slides inside of me.  I moan escapes my thin lips and to silence me he kisses me.  He takes his hand and massages my breasts as he moves in and out of me.  Jordan's pace get's slower and he reaches his high.  He falls beside me and he cradles me in his muscular arms.  At that,  I fall asleep.  




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