Shes Our Baby.... Baby Styles

Im Nicki and i was dating Harry when i was around 15, he took my verginity and well i never saw him again.. Well now im prego and my baby is my life... I don't know why but something tells me I will see him again..... I hope not!
Read on if you can


1. How It Started

I was only 15 years old when I started to date Harry Edward Styles (Harold was his name) he was only 1 year older then me and we decided to go to my friend Ronnie's party, Harry got drunk and well took me to the guest bedroom upstairs... That's when it all started. Harry took off his clothes infront of me, after he finished he removed my clothes and stole my virginity! A few weeks after the party Harry told me he was going on the XFactor, I was upset as he was as well but he promised me he would be back. I have not seen Harry for years after the XFactor auditions and I found out I was pregnant from him! 

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