Shes Our Baby.... Baby Styles

Im Nicki and i was dating Harry when i was around 15, he took my verginity and well i never saw him again.. Well now im prego and my baby is my life... I don't know why but something tells me I will see him again..... I hope not!
Read on if you can


6. Did I just see that...

I ran out of the room and tripped onto the floor, Darcy started crying when she saw me fall so Louis made her laugh so she can stop crying. Niall picked me up and told me he heard everything but right at the moment when Niall was going to get me some ice a girl with Super short skirt and a tube top with blond hair walked in looking like a slut "wheres my big sexy dick Harry" she said, wait wait wait! Harry? I went up to her and said "what do you want from Harry?" She pushed me on the ground and grabbed Harry then they started making out? I had thousands of tears in my eyes when I saw them.. So I through my high heel at Harry, took Darcy and left. It was raining outside but I felt someone grab me it was just Niall, "come with me, it's to dangerous to leave in the kind of weather like this." Before I could even tell him I would be fine he took me back but to his room and he played with Darcy and made her smile.  

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