7272 is a curious 14 year old girl, who finds new information that will change her life. She gets herself and best friend into some serious trouble. Is it all for a good cause, or is it useless?


3. Chapter Three

--7272's POV--

The run back to my room is long. I pass by many people, probably wondering why I am out so late. There is a curfew, and I am really close to passing it. Hopefully 7268 knows what to do about this! I feel like everything has fallen on my shoulders. Names. I have a name. We all have names.

So many questions are running through my head. Why are we numbered? Why doesn't everyone know their name? Why? Why?! I'm so caught up with my thoughts that I run into a street lamp. Ouch. That's going to be a terrible bruise.

I need to find out 7268's name! I need to tell her! Does she have any long-lost relatives? Ugh, another question. My life was perfect! Now it's all jumbled. I am confused, hurt, and feel like I'm being played with. Maybe that homeless man wasn't my grandfather, he's probably just messing with me.

Just forget about today. Just go back to your normal life. Once I am back to my room, I tell 7268 everything. Names, homeless dude, and even running into the lamppost.

"It's okay 7272! Everything will be fine." She comforts. I try to believe her. Although, deep down I know the truth. Nothing will be fine. I have to tell about the names. Tell all of Magnem! I may even die trying.

My sleep was terrible. I could barely think. So much information. I have a relative? I thought all of my family had died! I am an orphan! Maybe my parents are out there. No! I have no family. Just forget about last night.

7268 and I walk around on the streets. We pass by the homeless people. I dare not look at them. I don't want to see my grandfather. All he's done is mess up my life.

"What's wrong, '72?" 7268 asks me.

"Nothing." I mumble and look up at her. Just behind her head, I see Jason. My grandfather. He's following us.

"Um... My 'grandfather' is following us." I whisper to her. She stiffens. Then relaxes.

"Don't worry 7272. It'll be okay. Let's just duck into the learning centre." 7268 says quietly. So we do.

She starts rambling to herself real quiet.

"I knew ... would ... happen one day... Life ... Perfect... Why now?" That's all I heard before something really weird happened. 7268 pulls a sword out from her high-heeled boot. Jason steps inside of the learning centre. The professor says, "Hey! No homeless in the learning-" That's when Jason throws a knife at the professor. It hits him right in the heart.

I let out a whimper and hide behind 7268.

"Elizabeth. Get over here. I know you don't like a number, do you? Being numbered isn't good." Jason spits. My best friend runs at Jason with her sword and stabs his leg. Jason lets out a pained yelp. He pulls a sword from his back sling. Why didn't I see that before?

Jason and 7268 have an epic battle before Jason stabs her in the arm. I scream and run to her aid. Jason takes an advantage and tried to stab me with his sword. I pick up 7268's sword and block him. I try to find his weak point. I know he has a wounded leg. I deflect his sword.

I realize he uses his left hand with the sword. So he's left handed. I make a stab at his arm. He yells again in pain and lowers his guard. I take a chance and slash at his sword. It falls to the ground. Now Jason is weaponless. I stab at his gut, not enough to kill him instantly. He may bleed out, but that's fine.

I pick up 7268 and put her good arm around my shoulder. I drag her back to our room and sky her on my bed. She yelps as I start cleaning the wounds. 7268 has got some pretty bad slashes on her arm. I want to ask her about what she knows. I decide that I won't tonight because she needs rest. Good night my friend.

A/N!!! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Now it starts to get interesting and violent! Yayyyyyyy!!!!! I've started a new movella called Wings of Perfection! Go read it please! It would be awesome.

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