Baby I Loved You First (Harry Styles and Niall Horan fanfic.)

What happens when Harry Styles and Niall Horan meet the girls of their dreams? Will they have them forever to love or will the girls find some other guys to love or will the girls just switch guys? (Harry Styles and Niall Horan Fanfic) Read to find out more!!!


1. Meeting Harry Styles

~~(Nicoles POV)
"Nicole, I need you to go to the store for me!" Jenna says.
"Okay mom, I will!" I say.
I walk down stairs in a pink crop top and blue short shorts. I brush my teeth, comb my long brown hair, grab my phone and purse and walk out the door.
"Here I go to the store! Ooorah!!" I say sarcasticly.
I walk into the store and look at the list.
"Okay eggs is first." I say.
While I walk I look behind me to make sure no 1 is following me because I'm quite shy. I turn back around and bump into some one and I fall on the ground.
"Oww" I say quietly.
"Oh my god, Are you okay??" Harry asks.
I smile and think: Oh my god, Is that Harry Styles?
"Yeah...." I say nervously.
"Whats your name??" Harry asks.
"Nicole." I say.
"That's a very nice name. Do you mind if I have your number??" Harry asks me.
Omg, The Harry Styles wants my number!
"Sure, 570-877-4863." I say. Harry puts my number in his phone.
"Thanks love, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out some time?" He asks me.
"Sure, text me when ever you could." I say to him.
-thinks- "Omg I should tell Mia, she would freak out!!"
"Well I'll see you tonight love!!" He says to me.
"Okay, see you!" I say to him.
He smiles then he kisses my cheek, winks at me and walks away. I call Mia on the phone.
(Start Of Phone Conversation)
"Hey Nicole, whats up?"
"Hey Mia and guess who I met at the store today?"
"Hmm was it The One And Only Harry Styles?"
"Yes omg!"
"Lol your soo lucky!"
"Wait how did you know??"
"And also thanks."
"Its all over the internet and your welcome."
"Wait how??"
"I don't know."
"Maybe some paparazzi followed Harry and I or something."
"Yeah maybe."
"Oh and he wants to hang out with me tonight."
"Omg Congratz."
"Thanks and want me to ask him if he can bring Niall?"
"Omg yeah!"
"Okay I'll ask!"
" Thanks and I'll be there in 20 minutes!"
"Eager much? lol"
"Yeah! and let me get dressed up nice."
"Okay, I have to get dressed up nice too!"
" Okay see you there."
"See you!!"
"Bye Mia!"
(End Of Phone Conversation)
I finish buying the items that was on the list that my mom gave me, I go in the checkout isle number 3, I see my old friend that I used to talk to when I was in Middle School, we talk for a while while I wait for her to scan all the items and I walk out of the store. I walk home with the groceries in my hands! I walk into my house, I put the items away in the cabinets and also in the fridge and then I text The One And Only Harry Styles:
(Start Of Texting Conversation)
"Hey Harry!"
"Hey babe, are you ready for me to come?"
"Yupp all ready and my friend is coming up too, is that okay??"
"Yeah its fine love."
"Thanks and she was also wondering if you can bring Niall because she loves him."
"Lol let me ask if he wants to come with me."
"Okay thanks!!"
"Your welcome and he said sure, we will be there soon."
"Okay Styles. haha"
"Styles?? What about curly?"
"Oh sorry. D:"
"Lol its fine and is there any name I should call you?"
"I don't know, You could think of one!"
"Lol yeah I will!"
"Okay see you love! xx"
"See you!! xx"
"Bye love! xx"
"Byee! xx"
(End Of Texting Conversation)

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