Baby I Loved You First (Harry Styles and Niall Horan fanfic.)

What happens when Harry Styles and Niall Horan meet the girls of their dreams? Will they have them forever to love or will the girls find some other guys to love or will the girls just switch guys? (Harry Styles and Niall Horan Fanfic) Read to find out more!!!


2. Hanging out with Mia, Niall and Harry.

(Nicoles POV)

I get all dressed up nice in a yellow and pink poofy dress with a brown belt around my waist, I curl my long brown hair, brush my teeth and wait for Mia or Niall and Harry to show up. I hear the doorbell ring and I go to see who it is, I open the door and I see Harry and Niall standing there. I smile and hug Harry, he picks me up and twirls me around and whispers in my ear: "I missed you so much!" I blush and they come inside. I close the door and Niall asks: Where is your friend, Mia??" Harry says: "Your anxious to meet her already??" I giggle and Niall says: No.... Im just wondering where she is." "Relax Niall, she said she will be here in a few minutes." I say to him. Niall walks into the kitchen, looks in the fridge and makes a sandwich. "I whisper in Harry's ear: "Him and Mia will be a great couple!" He laughs and whispers back: I know right!!" I hear a knock on the door I say: "That must be her!!" Niall gets out of the kitchen and comes up behind me. I open the door and Mia looks shocked and surprised. I say: "What is it Mia??" She points and I turn around, smile and I turn back around. "That's just Harry and Niall, nothing to be scared about." I say to her calmly. She nods and walks in. Shes wearing a Blue tank top and long light pink skinny jeans. Niall stares at her in amazement and she stares back at him for a few seconds then looks down and blushes. "So what do you guys wanna do?" Harry asks me, Mia and Niall. "I don't know, wanna make cupcakes or something??" I say. "CUPCAKESS!!!!!" Niall screams! "Okay, I guess we will make cupcakes." I say and Harry giggles. Harry carries me into the kitchen and we all get the stuff out to make the cupcakes: Flour, Milk,, Cupcake mix, Icing, Cupcake holders, Cupcake Tray E.t.c. "What kind of icing?" I ask Niall. "Blue!" He says back to me and Mia says: "Hey! thats my favorite color!!" Harry just smiles and starting making the cupcakes. I get some of the icing on my finger and I rub it on Harry's nose. "Omg Nicole you just did not do that!" He says to me. "I so just did!!" I say back sassy. "Oh your going to get it Nicole!!" He says to me. "Catch me if you can Curly." I say back to him. We start running around the kitchen and he finally catches me, pulls me close to him and says to me: "Get it off now please!" "Fine" I say as I lick the icing off of his nose. He moans and smiles, I smile. We finish making the 10 cupcakes and we eat 6 of them. 1 for me, 1 for Harry, 2 for Mia and 2 for Niall. -I think to myself: "Awh Niall and Mia have the same amount of cupcakes" I look at Harry and hes staring at Mia and Niall probally thinking the same I was thinking. I put the rest in the fridge. Niall and Mia go home because its already 10:00pm at night. Harry stays with me and we watch the movie: Toy Story: 2. We laugh so hard that we start crying, I get 2 tissues and I hand 1 to Harry. He says: Thanks love." "Your welcome!" I say. We watch the movie till 11:00pm, then I fall asleep on his lap, Harry smiles at me, kisses my forehead and stays the night and he finally goes to sleep there too with me.

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