Lily and James's life at Hogwarts

It's Lily and James 1 year at Hogwarts.What house could they been in? Could they fall in love and could Snape get jealous of James because he stole his girlfriend Lily. well there will more to my tale soon hope you injoy.



Petunia looked at Lily's hand as a small flower appears.Your weird yells Petunia and runs toward the house to get their mother.Lily feels rejected and walks toward the lake.As Lily is watching the water flow she hears a small voice say "hey you there ya you"Lily turns to find out where the voice is coming from. Lily walks toward an old,rusty oak tree and sees a little boy standing on one of the branches."Come down''lily stepped back a bit so the boy had room to stand.The boy stepped out of the shadow and said hi my name is Severus , Severus Snape.Hi my Lily Evans.Hey Lily yes Severus ''who are your parents?My parents well there is my mother Cathrine Evans and there's my father Ryan  Evans and are they well magic? is there a problem being  um.. what do call them? We  call them muggles.Ya is there a problem being muggle born?Um... well I don't think so I'm what they call pure blood. Severus yes Lily you said there is a place called Hogwards what is it.Well Hogwards is a school for wizards and witches.I start next fall will I see you well if you are in the same house.Lily didn't know what Severus was talking about so she just nodded.Well I should get back,can you come back tomorrow no one really asked Severus to come back so he just nodded.The next moring Lily came back to the oak tree and thought Severus did not come,but then he jumped off one of the branches.There you are Severus, oh lily yes Severus since I have to leave today to go to Hogwards I was thinking you could come with me.Ok Severus ,the next moring Lily meet by the tree one last time severus asked lily if she had told her parents ,she just shook her head no.Sorry I did not  talk about them on the train yet, I wil that in chapter 2.

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