Elapsed (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

When Harry loses his memory, comes with it his life and her.
Getting his life back on track he starts up school again in his last year and meets someone new but is convince that there not right for each other even though he has never felt that way towards anyone before. But is he willing and able to give up his first love for his new love?


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Harry’s POV:


Waking up to a blaring alarm clock telling me it’s somewhat 8 in the morning if I remember correctly.




I knock it to the ground with all the strength I can muster hoping the distress will cease but it continues to play like it knows I’m not going to get up no matter how many times it rings.


Fuck! I yell.


Just planning on rolling over onto the edge of the bed to reach out and stop the deafening machine on ground level but I end up rolling onto the floor with a thud not anticipating how close I was to the edge of the bed.


Can this day get any better? I think as I press the top and chuck it against the wall in frustration.


Grabbing the blanket and pillow off the bed because I couldn’t be bothered getting back in it, I cover my bare torso with the blanket and rest my eyes on the pillow.


Wait why was the alarm clock fixed up anyways?



Standing up and spinning around a few times, I head into the bathroom bumping my shoulder into the door frame and jump into the hot shower not caring as the water burns my skin.


Hurry up, Hurry up, Hurry up! I’m going to be late!


Getting out minutes later with shampoo still covering my hair, I throw on black skinny jeans whilst jumping around like a lunatic, pulling my arms through a hopefully clean white shirt I found on the floor and taking the towel and try to rub all the soap out of my messy curly hair.

Damn it.


Walking to the bed side table I turn off the lamp and grab my ringing phone.

More messages from mum.



Good luck today baby!


Since you’re not answering I hope your ignoring me and not still sleeping.  


Just wanted you to know that I love you and have a good day at school. Be nice and make friends. People will love you only if you let them in.


It will be different. I promise.



How would this be different from the others?


Taking in a few deep breaths, I grab my bag and place my stationery’s and earphones within the bag to block out peoples inconsiderate comments during the day and head for the front door.


Turning off the lights as I walk by each room I slip my feet into my converses and slip out of the apartment not forgetting to lock the door.


It is worth saying I got a good amount of money, but I’m not rich and don’t work but when you have wealthy caring grandparents I’m not going to deny that I got a lot. Of money that is. But money doesn’t mean a lot to me, and money can’t buy friends or turn back time the way that I want it to.


Going down the elevator I try to remember to my perfect past, my friends, I was still living with mum and Gemma and… and me and her would still be together.




In a second I open my eyes as my memory fades away like the wind blowing away the leaves on the ground.


Why can’t I remember her?


“Hey Mr. Styles” Jane greeted.


“Umm… hi Jane” I replied, distracted.


Why can I see her so clearly in my mind but can’t seem to remember her name?


“……. Hello? Mr. Styles? Mr. Styles”


“Hmm… What?” I looked up.


“I was just reminding you that it’s a bit chilling outside, you should get a coat. But... is there something wrong?”


“No no no.” I spoke quite quickly. “I mean nothing’s wrong. I just got a lot on my mind and thank you. I left my jacket in the car”


“No problem. Hope you have a good day Mr. Styles”


“You too Jane” I whispered as I slip out of the building.


Jane is right. It is freezing!


Clutching my shoulder with one of my hands while the other holds up my side bag, I blot down the walkway towards my car and jump in, turning it on and turning up the thermostat.


Looking to passenger seat I spot my jacket.




Not wanting to stand outside to put on my jacket, I struggle for 5 minutes straight trying to put it on, hitting the horn a few times thanking god that the windows were fogged up so no one can see the idiot within the car.


Looking on the board just above the radio.


9:00Am. Great! Already late for my first day at school, might as get some coffee and breakfast into me to withstand the rest of the day.


Once I can feel my fingers, I use the sleeve of my jacket to rub the fogginess from the windows and whine down the windows just a tad to let the cool air prevent my windows from fogging any further and take off down the street to the nearest café to the school.


After a circle around the school I spot a café hidden down a quiet street.




Getting out of the warm toasty car I head into the café. Breathing in the hit of cinnamon and coffee I melt. Smells like home.


Looking around the small shop, I sigh in relief as I spot no one.




“Can I help you?” the girl about my age at the counter asked.


“Yeah…” walking up to the counter “Can I get…” pulling my reading glasses out of my side bag to read the menu board above and behind her head, “a… black coffee with a ham, tomato and cheese sandwich”


“Sure! Away or stay?” Rachael her name tag reads, spoke.


“um-mmm stay” I muttered.


“Ok” she smiled and winked, “take a seat”


That was weird.


Sitting down I decide to finally reply to mum.


To: Mum

Hope so


Re-reading her message made me think.


“Hey Rachael?”


“Yep?” she questioned while popping her head from behind the coffee machine.


“Can I actually get those to go please?” Deciding I really need to get to school.


“um-mm are you sure?” she stuttered as I nod in response.


She huffed in response to my nod.


Placing my phone back in my pocket I drop my head into my hands.


It will be fine. It will.



“Hey! Your orders done”


Standing up I head to the counter, grabbed my coffee as she winked at me and smiled as I nod in response.


Taking small sips of the hot coffee I get in the car and place the coffee it the cup holder making sure it’s in securely and take a bite out the sandwich and carefully place it on the passenger seat so it doesn’t slide while I drive. 


Pulling out of the lot I mentally prepare myself for the new school.

It’s going to be fine. I reminded myself for the millionth time.


Pulling into the full car park, me trying to find a spot close to the school so if something happens I can escape quickly. But as always I’m unlucky and the nearest vacant spot is about 10 cars down.

It will be fine.

 Taking a big breath, I eat the rest of the sandwich and dispose of the paper bag onto the car floor; I really need to clean my car and run my fingers over the coffee cup noticing Rachael’s name on the cup as well as her number underneath with a heart shaped at the end making me giggle and throw it to the floor.

No one can replace my love. No one.

Taking my last breath I open the door.

Here we go.


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