Hermione Granger

Hi my name is Hermione Granger. Everyone here has heard of me from the Harry Potter Books and Movies. Everyone has heard or saw Harry's story from his point of view. I thought it was turn to for people to see my point of view.


6. Diagon Alley?!

Hermione's POV-

OMG if this is real I'm soo happy! I new there was something unique about me! Oh I'm so happy! If this is real of course it will be great to meet some new friends! I hope I don't seem to weird! Well I writing this as I'm walking down the stairs to collec my letter and read it! ITS NOT THERE! Oh this must be a joke then... Wait mum said she was going shopping "to clear her mind" she must of taken it!

Just had dinner, mum served the most delicious dessert I have ever tasted it tasted so perfect! I ran up to my room and there on my bed was some very delicious and unusual candy! I ran down to thank mum! She said she got it from Diagon Alley which is a magical place where I'm supposed to get all my books from. It was dark when she went do she didn't see much! I'm so exited as soon someone will come and take me to Diagon Alley as I'm a "muggle" which I'm guessing has something to do with not being in a magical family or something! Even better mum got me some books from Diagon Alley! Oh I already know so much about Hogwarts! Toodles!

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